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GAS    322    GEF

Mark, with manufactures of cloth, and a trade in
beer, seated on the river Beise, 15 m. W. of Sten-

Gardiner, ph. Kennebec Co. Me. on the W.
bank of the Kennebec River, 4 m. S. Hallowed.
Pop. 2,030. This is a flourishing towin with con-
siderable trade in lumber and manufactories of
cotton and iron. It has a fine gothic church built
of granite ; the handsomest specimen of architec-
ture in the state.

Gardner, p t. Worcester Co. Mass. Pop. 1,023.

Gardners Island, lies in Gardner’s Bay at the
E. end of Long Island, N. Y. It is about 4 m.
long and is a part of the township of East Hamp-

Gargnano, a town of the Bresciano, seated on
the AV. shore of lake Garda, 26 m. N. E. of Bres-

Garland, t. Penobscot Co. Me. Pop. 621.

Garmouth, a town of Scotland, in Murrayshire,
at the mouth of the Spey, with a good harbour.
Great quantities of ship-timber are floating down
the river to the town, and many small vessels are
built here. Wool is also a considerable article
of commerce. It is 8 m. E. of Elgin.

Garonne, a river of France, which rises in the
Pyrenees, and flow's N. N. E. to Toulouse, and
from thence N. AV. past Valence, Agen, Mar-
mande, and Bordeaux, into the bay of Biscay, re-
ceiving in its course from the E. the Tarn, Lot,
Vezere, and Dordogne, from whence it is called
the Gironde, and is united with the Mediter-
ranean by a canal from Toulouse, called the ca-
nal of Languedoc.

Garonne, Upper, a department of the S. of
France, containing part of the late province of
Languedoc. The S. extends to the Pyrenees,
and it is intersected its whole extent from S. to
N. by the Garonne. It is fertile both in tillage
and pasture ; the vine is also cultivated to a great
extent. It is divided into four arrondissements,
of which Toulouse (the capital) Aullefranche, and
St. Gaudens are the chief towns.

Garrard, a county of Kentucky. Pop. 11,870.
Lancaster is the chief towin.

Garretsville, p.v. Otsego Co. N. Y.

Garsis, a town of the kingdom of Fez, surroun-
ded by winlls, and the houses are built with black-
stone. It stands in a fertile country, on the Mulu,
56 m. S. E. of Melilla.

Garstang, a parish and corporate town in Lan-
cashire, Eng. Here are the ruins of Green hough
castle ; and in the neighbourhood are several cot-
ton works. The town is seated on the river AVyre,
10 m. S. of Lancaster, and 229 N. N. AV. of Lon-

Gartz, a town of Hither Pomerania, seated on
the Oder, 13 in. S. by AV. of Stettin.

Gascony, a late province of France, bounded on
the AA7. by the bay of Biscay, N. by Guienne, E. by
Languedoc, and S. by the Pyrenees. The inhabi-
tants are ofa lively disposition, famous for boasting
of their exploits, which lias occasioned the name
of Gasconade to be given to all bragging stories.
This province, with Armagnac, now forms the
departments of Landes. Gers, Upper Pyrenees,
and parts ofthe Upper Garronne, and Arriege.

Gaspe, an extensive district of Lower Canada,
lying between the river St. Lawrence on the N.,
and bay of Chaleur on the S., bounded on the E.
by the gulf of St. Lawrence : it is at present but
thinly inhabited ; the population is, how ever, pro-
gressively increasing along the shore of the bay
of Chaleur, which supplies abundance of fine tim-
ber. The bay of Gaspe it at the eastern extrem
ity of the district.

Gaslein, a town of Bavaria, in the duchy of
Salzburg, near the frontier of Carinthia, celebrated
for its warm baths, and mines of lead, iron, and
gold. It is 45 m. S. of Salzburg.

Gata, Cape, a promontory of Spain, on the
coast of Granada, consisting of an enormous rock
ofa singular nature and appearance, 24 m. in cir
cuit. Long. 2. 22. W., lat. 36. 43. N.

Gatehouse, a town of Scotland, in Kirkcud-
brightshire, near the mouth of the river Fleet.
Here are considerable cotton works, and an exten-
sive tannery. It is 9 m. N. AV of Kircud

Gates, a township of Monroe Co. N. Y. Pop.

Gates, a frontier county of North Carolina, bor-
dering on the Great Dismal Swamp, and bounded
on the W. by the Chowan river; it comprises
about 2fl0 sq. m. Pop. 7,866.    j

Gateshead, a towin in the county of Durham, '
Eng. seated on the Tyne, over which is a hand
some bridge to Newcastle. It appears like a su-
burb to Newcastle, and is celebrated for its grind-
stones, which are exported to all parts of the
world. It is 13 m.'N. ofrDurham, and 269 N. by
W. of London. Pop. in 1801, 8,597, and in 1821
11,767, chiefly employed in the coal trade.

Gatton, a borough in Surrey, Eng. It is 2 m. N.
E. of Ryegate, and 19 S. by AV. of London. In
1621 it had only 22 houses, chiefly cottages, in-
habited by 135 persons; it nevertheless returns
two members to parliament.

Gaudens, St. a town of France, in the department
of Upper Garonne, seated on the Garonne, 13 m.
E. N. E. of St. Bertrand; it is the seat of a

Gavi, a towin of the territory of Genoa, an im-
portant frontier place toward Montserrat and the
Milanese ; seated on the Lemo, 22 m. N. AV. of

Gaur, or Zouf, a city of Usbec Tartary, capital
of the province of Guar; seated o*n the river
Zouf, 120 m. S. by W. of Balk. Long. 64.40. W.,
lat. 35. 5. N.

Gauts. See Ghauts.

Gaza, a town of Syria, in Palastine, 2 m. from
the Mediterranean, with a harbour and a castle.

It is now very small; but, from the appearance
of the ruins, it was formerly a considerable place.
Here are manufactures of cotton ; but the princi-
pal commerce is furnished by the caravans be-
tween Egypt and Syria. It stands in a fertile
country, 50 m. S. AV. of Jerusalem. Long. 34.
45. E., lat. 31. 28. N.

Gazypoor, capital of a fertile and populous dis
trict of Hindoostan, seated on the N. bank ofthe
Ganges, 45 m. N. E. of Benares.

Gearon, or Jaron, a towin of Persia, in Farsistan,
in whose territory the best dates of Persia are pro- ,
duced. It is 80 m. S. by E. of Shiras. Long. 51.
17. E., lat. 28. 15. N.

Geauga, a county in the N. E. of Ohio ; the N.
end borders on lake Erie; it comprises about 600
sq. m. Pop. 15,813. Chardon, in the centre of
the county, is the chief town.

Gtddes, p.v. Onondaga Co. N. Y.

Gejlc, a sea-port of Sw'eden, capital of Gestricia,
seated on an arm of the gulf of Bothnia, which di-
vides the town, and forms two islands. The ex-
ports are principally iron, pitch, tar and deals.

It is 90 m. N. N. AV. of Stockholm. Long. 17.
20. E., lat 60. 40. N.


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