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Foix, a town of France, capital of the depart-
ment of Arriege. Here is a manufacture of coarse
• woolen cloths, with some copper-mills. It is seat-
ed on the Arriege, near the foot of the Pyrenees,
42 m. S. by E. of Toulouse.

Fo-kicn a maritime province in the S. of China,
bounded on the N. by Tche-kiang, W. by Kiang-
si, S. by Quang-tong, and E. by the China Sea.
The climate is warm ; and yet the air is so pure,
that no contagious diseases ever prevail. It pro-
duces musk in abundance, precious stones, quick-
silver, iron, and tin; also gold and silver, but it
is forbidden to dig for these. It has fine plains ;
and industry fertilizes even the mountains, the
greater part of which are cut into terraces, rising
above each other. Its valleys are watered by
! springs and rivers from the mountains, which the
husbandman distributes with great skill, to refresh
his rice : he has even the art to raise his water to
the tops of the mountains, and to convey it from
one side to the other, by pipes made of-bamboo.
The people speak a different language in most of
the cities, each of which has its particular dialects.
The language of the mandarins is that which is
spoken every where; but few understand it in
this province : however, it produces a great num-
ber of literati. It contains 9 cities of the first
and 60 of the third class. Fou-tcheo is the

FoleshiU, a parish in the county of the city of
Coventry, Eng. lying on the N. side of the city,
and intersected by the Coventry canal. Pop. in
1620, 4,937, almost exclusively employed in the
riband manufacture.

Foligno, a town of Italy, in the duchy of Um-
bria, famous for its sweetmeats, paper mills, and
silk manufactures. It is seated on the W. side
of the Apennines, near a fertile plain, 69 m. N. of

Foiliingham, a town in Lincolnshire, Eng.
Here are the ruins of an ancient castle. It is
seated on a rising ground, 18 m. W. S. W. of
Boston, and 106 N. of London. Pop. 759.

Folkstone, a towin in Kent, Eng. It had once
five churches, four of which have been destroyed
by the incursions of the sea. The inhabitants are
cniefly employed in fishing. Dr. Wm. Harvey,
*he celebrated discoverer of the circulation of the
blood, was born here in 1578. It is a member of
the port of Dover, governed by a mayor, and a
little to the W. is Sandgate castle, built by Henry
VIII. It is seated on the English channel, 8 m.
S. W. of Dover, and 72 E. by S. of London. Pop.
in 1821, 4,232, chiefly dependent on fishing and
smuggling for support.

Fondi, a town of Naples, in the Terra di Lavoro,
seated on the
Appian Way near the sea coast, 65
m. S. S. W. of Rome.

Fong-tsiang, or Fonteheou, a city of China, in
the province of Chen-si. Its district contains
eight cities of the second and third class. It is
seated on the Hoie Ho, which falls into the Yel-
low river, 560 m. S. W. of Peking. Long. 106.
57. E., lat. 34. 36. N.

Fang-yang, a city of China, in the province of
Kiang-nan. It incloses within its walls several
fertile little hills; and its jurisdiction comprehends
five cities of the second, and 13 of the third class.
It is seated on a mountain which overhangs a
river falling into the Hongts Hou, 70 m. N. E. of
Na-king. Long. 116. 53. E., lat. 32. 52. N.

Fans, a town of France, in the department of
Lot, 5 m. N. W. of Figeac.

FontcUnbleau, a town of France, in the depart-
ment, of Seine and Marne, celebrated for its fine
palace, and a hunting seat of the sovereigns of
France. It stands in the midst of an extensive
forest, 35 m. S. S. E. of Paris. It is the seat of a
prefect. Pop. in 1820, 6,439.

Fontaine l’Eveque a town of the Netherlands, in
the territory of Liege, 6 m. W. of Charleroi.

Fontanetto, a town of Piedmont, 7 m. E. of

Fontarabia, a sea-port of Spain, in Biscay, on
the frontiers of France, from which it is separated
by the river Bidassoa, which forms a harbour at
its mouth, in the bay of Biscay. It stands on a
peninsula, at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains,
and is so strong both by nature and art as to be
accounted the key of Spain, on that side; but it
opened its gates to the French in 1794. It is 22
m. S. W. of Bayonne, and 62 E. by N. of Bilbao
Long. 1.47. W., lat. 43. 23. N.

Fontenay le Comte, a town of France, in the de-
partment of Vendee. It has a woolen manufac-
ture, and its fairs are famous for cattle. It is
seated on the Vendee, 25 m. N. E. of Rochelle, 55
W. by S. of Poitiers, and 215 S. E. of Paris. It
is the seat of a prefect. Pop. in 1820, 7,470.

Fontenoy, a village of the Netherlands, in
Hainault, 4 m. S. E. of Tournay. It is celebra-
ted for a battle between the allies and the French
in 1745, in which the former were defeated.

Fonlevrault, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Mayenne and Loire. Here is a famous
abbey, in the church of which, several kings and
queens of France lie interred. It is 7 m. S. E. ot

Fora, an island of Denmark, on the W. coast
of S. Jutland, between those of Sylt and Nord-
strand. It is of an oval form, 20 m. in circum-
ference, and the chief place is Utersen. See

Forcheim, a strong town of Franconia, in the
principality of Bamberg, with a fine arsenal. It
surrendered to the French in 1796, but the Aus-
trians compelled them to abandon it soon after-
ward. It is seated at the conflux of the Wisent
and Rednitz, 16 m. S. S. E. of Bamberg, and is
now included in the territory of the king of Ba-

Fordingbridge, a town in Hampshire, Eng. with
a manufacture of checks and bed-ticks; seated on
the Little Avon, 10 m. S. of Salisbury, and 88 W.
by S. of London. Pop. in 1820, 2,444.

Fordsville, a village in Pearl River, Marion Co.

Foreland, North', a promontory of Kent, Eng.
the E. point ofthe isle of Thanet. It is the most
southern point of the port of London; and a line
thence extended N. to the point called the Naee,
in Essex, forms the mouth of the Thames. Here
is around brick tower, nearly 80 feet high, erect-
ed by the Trinity-house for a sea-mark. Long.

1.29. E., lat. 51.22. N.

Foreland, South, another promontory of Kent.
It is called South, in respect to its bearing from
the other Foreland, which is 13 m. to the N. Be-
tween these two capes is the noted roadstead, call-
ed the Downs.

Forest Towns, four towns of Suabia, in Brisgau,
situate on the Rhine and the confines of Switzer
land, at the entrance of the Black Forest. Their
names are Waldschut, Lauffenburgh, Seckingen,
and Rheinfelden.

Foresterton, a village in Burlington Co. N. Y.

Forfar, a borough of Scotland, capital of An-
gusshire. It contains many neat modem houses

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