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FAM    294    FAR

the English. This affair was settled by a conven-
tion, and the English regained possession; but in
1774, it was abandoned, and the island ceded to
Spain. Since the commencement of the 19th
century they have been uninhabited.

Fall Creek, a stream in New York which runs
into Cayuga Lake. The falls upon it consist of a
violent rapid which after descending for a mile
and a half, falls perpendicularly in a cataract of
90 feet. Tha view is very grand and pictur-

Falling Spring, a cascade in Virginia upon a
small creek which rises about 20 m. from the
warm spring and runs into Jackson’s River. This
stream falls over a precipice 200 feet in perpen-
dicular height, and the sheet of water is thrown
so far forward that a person may walk dry be-
tween the cataract and the rock.

Falling Waters, p.v. Berkeley Co. Va.

FaUowfield, East and West, two townships in
Chester Co. Pa.

FaUowfield, townships in Washington and
Crawford Cos. Pa.

FAl River, a village in the town of Troy, Mass.
(which see.)

Falls, townships in Bucks Co. Pa. and Mus-
kingum and Hocking Cos. Ohio.

Fallsington, a village in Bucks Co. Pa.

Fallstown, p.v. Iredell Co. N. C.

Falmouth, a seaport on the E. coast of Corn-
wall, Eng. It has a noble and extensive harbour,
communicating with a number of navigable
creeks, and its entrance is defended by the castles
of St. Mawes and Pendennis. It is a town of
great traffic, much improved by its being the sta-
tion of the Post Office packets to the S. of Eu-
rope, the West Indies and America. It stands on
the Fale, at its entrance into the English channel,
14 m. N. N. E. of the Lizard Point, 10 S. of Tru-
ro, and 269 W. S. W. of London. Long. 5. 2.
W., lat. 50. 8. N. Pop. in 1821, 2,543.

Falmouth, a town of the island of Jamaica, on
the N. coast, and on the S. side of Martha Brae
harbour. Long. 77. 33. AV., lat. 18. 31. N.

Falmouth, a town of the island of Antigua, on
the S. coast, with a fortified harbour. Long. 62.
0. AV., lat. 16. 55. N.

Falmouth, a seaport of Massachusetts, in Barn-
stable county. It is situate on the W. side of a
small bay, 70 m. S. S. E. of Boston. Long. 70.

32. W., lat. 41. 36. N. Pop. 2,548.

Falmouth, p.t. Cumberland Co. Me. Pop. 1,966.
Also villages in Strafford Co. Va. and Pendleton
Co. Ken.

False Bay, a bay* between the cape of Good
Hope and Cape False, frequented during the
prevalence of the N. W. winds in May. Long.
18. 53. E., lat. 34. 10. S.

False Cape, a promontory 20 m. E. of the Cape
of Good Hope. Long. 18. 44. E., lat. 34. 16. S.

Folster, a fertile island of Denmark, 60 m. in
circumference, near the entrance of the Baltic,
off the N. end of Zealand, and between the is-
lands VIoen and Laland. Nykoping is the capi-
tal. Its area is about 185 square m. and pop


Falsteroo, a town of Sweden, in Schonen,
chiefly known for its lighthouse, at the entrance
of the Baltic from the Sound, 22 m. S. S.
W. of
Lund. Long. 12. 48. E., lat. 55. 22. N.

Famagusta, a town on the S. E. coast of the
island of Cyprus, and a Greek bishop’s see, with
a harbour defended by two forts. It was taken
bv the Turks, in 1570, after a siege of 10 months,
when they flayed the Venetian governor alive
and murdered the inhabitants, though they7 sur-
rendered on honourable terms. It is 62 m. S. by
E. of Nicosia. Long. 33. 35. E., lat 35. 10. N.

Famars,a village of France, in the department
of Nord; near which the French were defeated
by the allies in 1793. It is 3 m. S. of Valen-

Fannet, p.t. Franklin Co. Pa.

Fano, a fortified town of Italy, in the duchy of
Urhino, and a bishop’s see. Here are an ancient
triumphal arch, handsome churches, and fine pal-
aces. It is seated on the gulf of Venice, 13 m.
E. of Urbino, and 32 N. AV. of Ancona. Fop
about 7,500.

Fanoe, an island of Jutland, at the entrance ni
the Little Belt from the Categat.

Fantees, Fantin, the Gold Coast of Africa, from
Cape Three Points, to Anconah, was formerly
called Fantin ; hut since 1811, it has more/com-
monly been called Ashantee. The Fantees occu-
py the coast, and the Ashantees the interior. See

Famia. See Foue.

Faouet, a town of France in the department of
Morbiham, 21 m. N. by W. of L’Orient.

Fareham, a town in Hampshire, Eng. Sloops
and smaller vessels are built here ; and it has a
considerable trade in coal, corn, canvas, and ropes.
It is seated at the N. AY. point of Portsmouth
harbour, 5 m. N. N. W. of Gosport, and 37 AV. by

S. of London.

Farewell Cape, the most southerly promontory
of Greenland, at the entrance of Davis strait.
Long. 42. 42. W., lat. 59.38. N.

Farewell Cape, a promontory of the N. end of
the island of New Zealand. Long. 172.41. E., lat
40. 37. S.

Fargeau, St. a town of France, in the depart
ment of Yonne, with a castle, 10 m. S. E. of

Farim, a county of Africa, to the S. of the riv-
er Gambia. It has a town of the same name, on
the river St. Domingo, about 130 m. above its en
trance into the sea. Long. 14. 30. W., lat. 12
10 N

Farlysville, a village in Charlotte Co. Va.

Farmersville, p.t. Cattaraugus Co. N. Y. Pop

Farmington, p.t. Kennebec Co. Me. Pop. 2,340.

Farmington, p.t. Strafford Co. N. H. 26 m. N.
W. Portsmouth. Pop. 1,464.

Farmington, a town of Connecticut, in Hart-
ford county, with a large congregational church,
situate on the river Farmington, which below the
town receives the Cambridge, and then acquires
the name of Windsor river. It is 10 m. AV. S.
W. of Hartford, and 22 E. of Litchfield. Pop.

Farmington Canal, in Connecticut and Massa-
chusetts, extends from New Haven to Westfield
in Massachusetts, passing for a considerable dis-
tance along the valley of Farmington River,
whence it has received its name. It is intended
to prolong the canal to Northampton, on the Con-
necticut, which will make its whole length about
90 m.; at present its extent is nearly four fifths
of this distance. The transportation uppn it is al-
ready considerable, but as it does not fully meet
the expectations of the projectors, the completion
of the work will probably be delayed .for a time.

Farmington, p.t. Ontario Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,773
Also towns in Trumbull and Belmont Cos. Ohio

Farmville, p.v Prince Edward Co. Va


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