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FAI    293    FAL

lia. Near it is a large copper mine, deemed the
most ancient in Europe; also a manufacture of
green and blue vitriol. It is situated in the midst
of the rocks and hills, between the lakes Run and
Warpen, 110 m. N. W. of Stockholm. Pop.
about 4,000.

Faifo, a town of Cochin China, and a place of
great trade ; situate on a river that flows into the
bay of Turon, 30 m. S. E. of Turon.

Fairbank, p.v. Chatauque, Co. N. Y.

Fairfax, a county of the E. District of Virgin
ia lying W. of the Potomac river, bounded on the
E. by the district of Columbia. Its area is about
400 square m. Pop. 9,206.

Fairfax, p.t. Franklin Co. Vt. Pop. 1,729. Also
towns in Fairfax and Culpepper Cos. Va.

Fairfield, a county at the S. W. extremity of
Connecticut, bounded in a W. S. W. direction
by Long Island Sound, and N. N. E. by the
Housatonick river. It is divided into 18 town-
ships. Pop. 46,950. The chief town ofthe same
name is seated on the W. bank of a creek in Long
Island Sound, 22 m. W. S. W. of New Ha^en. It
was burnt by a party of tories and British in 1777.
Pop. 4,246.

Fairfield, is also the name of an interior coun-
ty in the south part of Ohio, in which the Hock-
hockings river and a tributary of the Scioto have
their sources ; it extends about 20 m. from N. to

S.. and 15 in mean breadth. Pop. 24,733. Lan-
caster is the chief town.

Fairfield, a district of South Carolina, lying
between the Catawba and Broad rivers. Pop.
21,546. Waneshorough is the chief town.

Fairfield, p.t. Herkimer Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,265.
Also towns in Cumberland Co. N.
J.; Crawford,
Westmoreland and Adams Cos. Pa.; Rockbridge
and Nelson Cos. Va.; Columbia and Putnam Cos.
Geo.; Jefferson, Columbiana, Highland, Tusca-
rawas, Greene, Butler, and Licking Cos. Ohio.
Nelson Co. Ken.; Franklin Co. Indiana, and
Wayne Co. Illinois.    

Fairford, a town of Gloucestershire, Eng. The
church was founded in 1493, by John Tame, a
merchant of London, purposely for the reception
of some glass, taken by one of his vessels, in a
ship going to Rome : it has 28 windows, beauti-
fully painted with subjects chiefly scriptural, de-
signed by the famous Albert Durer. It is seated
near the Coin, 25 m. S. E. of Gloucester, and
80 W. hy N. of London. Pop. in 1821, 1,547.

Fairhavcn, ph. Rutland Co. Vt. Pop. 675. Also
a ph. Bristol Co. Mass. on Buzzard's Bay opposite
New Bedford. Pop. 3,034.

Fairhead, the N. E. point of Ireland, rising
631 feet above the level of the sea, in lat. 55. 44.
N., and 6. 2. of W. long. It is opposite to
Raughlin Island.

Fair Isle, a small island in the Northern ocean,
oetween the Shetland and Orkneys, from both
which its high towering rocks are visible. On
the E. side the duke of Medina Sidonia, admi-
ral of the Spanish armada, was wrecked in 1588.

Fairlu, ph. Orange Co. Vt. Pop. 656.

Fairley, a village of Scotland, on the coast of
Aryshire, 12 m. N. W. of Irvine. It has a small
harbour; and the strait in the frith of Clyde,
formed by the coast and the Cambray isles is call-
ed Fairley Road.

Fairport, p.v. Geauga Co. Ohio, on lake Erie.
It has a good harbour
for small vessels.

Fairtown, a village in Cumberland Co. N. J.

Fairview, a township in York Co. Pa. Also a
village in Erie Co. Pa. on the lake. Also a vil-
lage in Brooke Co. Va.; and a village in Guern
sey Co. Ohio.


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Faisans, an island in the river Bidassoa, which
separates France from Spain. It is also called
the Isle of Conference, because Louis XIV. and
Philip IV. here swore to observe the peace of
the Pyrenees, in 1660, after 24 conferences be-
tween their ministers. It is considered as a neu-
tral place, and is situate between Andaye and

Fakenham, a town in Norfolk, Eng. situate
on a hill, by the river Yare, 9 m. from the coast,
20 N. W. of Norwich, and 108 N. N. E. of Lon-
don. Pop. in 1821,1,635.

Falaise, a town of France, in the department
of Calvados, with a castle, and one of the finest
towers in France. It is the birth-place of Wil- j
liam the Conqueror, and has a good trade in ser-
ges, linen, and lace. It stands on the river Ante,
20 m. S. E. of Caen, and 115 W. of Paris, it is
the seat of a prefect. Pop. in 1825, 9,912.

Fale, a river in Cornwall, which flows by Gram-
pound and Tregony to Falmouth, where it forms
a fine haven in the English channel.

Falkenau, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of
Saatz, with manufactures of alum, sulphur, and
vitriol; seated on the river Egra, 12 m. N. E. of

Folkenberg, a town of Sweden, in Holland at
the mouth of the Athran, on the Categat, oppo-
site to the isle of Anholt, 17 m. N. by W. of

Folkenberg, a towin of Brandenberg, in the New
Mark, with a castle, seated on the Drage, 32 m.
E. by N. of New Stargard.

Folkenberg, a town of Silesia, in the principal-
ity of Oppem, with a castle, 14 m. S. by E. of

Falkenstein, a town in Germany, in a county
of the same name. It stands a little to the N. of
Winweiler, 24 m. W. by S. of Worms.

Falkenstein, is also the name of a town in
the Vogtland, near the N. W. frontier of Bo-

Falkioping, a town of Sweden, in W. Gothland,
56 m. E. of Uddevalla. It is memorable for a bat-
tle fought in 1388, between Margaret, queen of
Denmark, and Albert, king of Sweden, when the
latter was defeated and taken prisoner with his

Falkirk, a populous town of Scotland, in Stir-
lingshire, famous for its trysts, held thrice a year
at which 60,000 head of black-cattle have been
sold at one tryst, beside a great number of sheep
a/id horses. It is seated near the Carron and the
Great canal, 12 m. S. E. of Stirling. The royal
army was defeated near this place in 1746. Pop.
about 12,000.

Falkland, a towin of Scotland, in Fifeshire, with
some linen manufactures. Here are the ruins of
the royal palace in which James V. died in 1582;
some of its apartments are still inhabited. It is
2ft m. N. of Edinburgh.

Falkland Islands, two large islands, surrounded
by a great number of smaller, lying in the Atlan-
tic ocean, to the E. ofthe strait of Magellan.
The smaller of the two large islands lies E. of the
other, from which it is separated by a channel
called Falkland Sound. These islands were
probably seen by Magellan, but Davis is deemed
the discoverer of the min 1592. They were visit
ed hy sir Richard Hawkins, in 1594; and in
1765, commodore Byron made a settlement here •
but in 1770, the Spaniards forcibly dispossessed

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