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Emden, a strong town of Westphalia, capital of side of fertile mountains, fine black marble, white
8i. Friesland. It has a good harbour and a safe veined; small crystals called Swiss diamonds;
road at the mouth of the Ems; and considerable silver and vitriol. The abbey is 12 m S. W. of
manufactures of stockings, soap, leather, and cot- Altdorf.

ton. The greatest part of the inhabitants are    Engclholm, a sea port of Sweden, in Schonen,

Calvinists, but there are some Lutherans, Papists, on a bay of the Categat, with good anchorage
and Jews. It was a free port under the protec- near the entrance to the Sound. In 1678, it was
tion of the United Provinces, but in 1744 they taken by the Danes, after an obstinate defence
sold their right to the king of Prussia. It was a It is 44 m. N. by W. of Lund. Long. 12. 57. E.,
neutral port during the early part of the war be- lat. 56. 22. N.

tween England and France, which began in 1793.    Engers, a town of Germany, in the Wester-

It is now included in the kingdom of Hanover; wald, capital of a county of its name; seated near
population about 12,000. It is 28 m. E. N. E. of the Rhine, 5 m. N. W. of Coblentz.

Groningen, and 47 W. N. W. of Oldenburg.    Enghein, a town of the Netherlands,    in Hain-

Long."7? 8. E., lat. 53. 20. N.    hault, 15 m. S. W. of Brussels, on the road to

Emmaus, a village of the Moravians in Lehigh Tournay. It gives the title of Duke to one of the
Co. Pa.    Bourbon family.

Emmendingen, a town of Suabia, in Brisgau,    Engia, Engina, or JEgina (its ancient name),

and chief town in the marquisate of Hochberg, an island of European Turkey, in the gulf of En-
seated on the river Ens, 10 m. N. by W. of Fri- gia, between Livadia and the Morea. It has a
burg.    town of the same name, 22 m. S. S. VV of Athens

Emmerich, a strong town of Germany, in the Long. 23. 39. E.. lat. 37. 45. N.
duchy of Cleves. It has a considerable trade with    
England, the southern part of the island ot

Holland, and is seated on the Rhine, 22 m. N. W. Great Britain is a very irregularly shaped territory,
of Wesel.    extending in its extreme length, from the Lana’s

Emmittsburg, p.v. Frederick Co. Maryland, 50 End in Cornwall, in the lat. of 50. 4. 7. and long,
m. N. W. Baltimore.    -    of 5. 41.31. to Berwick, at the mouth of the Tweed,

Ems, a river of Westphalia, which rises in the which divides it from Scotland, in the lat. of 55.
territory of Paderborn, and after a course of about 46. 21. N., and 1. 59. 41. of W. long. The me-
150 m. in a N. N. W. direction, flows at Emden, ridional distance between these two points is 366
intoAhe Dollart, a bay of the German Ocean. geographical, or 425 English statute m.; this line,
Ems, or Embs, a town of Germany, in Tyrol, however, intersects the entrance to the Bristol
near which are some baths impregnated with channel, South and North Wales, and the Irish
sulphur. It is 10 m. S. E. ofthe lake of Constance. Sea; the extreme meridional line that could be
Eneheysen, a town of N. Holland, on the Zuider drawn on English ground, from N. to S. would bo
Zee. It was once a flourishing place ; but its from Berwick to St. Alban’s Head, in.the county of
harbour being now obstructed by sand, it has lost Dorset: this line would measure 366 statute m.;
its former consequence. It was taken hy the Eng- and the extreme length from W. to E. would be
lish in 1799. It is 27 m. N. E. of Amsterdam, from the Land's End, Cornwall, to the Dudgeon
Endeavour Strait, a strait of the S. Pacific lights on the N. E. coast of Norfolk, which would
Ocean, which separates New Guinea from the N. measure 359 statute m. The four S. E. counties of
E. point of New Holland. It received its name Somerset, Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall, however
from captain Cook, who explored it in 1770. Its form a promontory ; and as the superficial area of
length, is 10 leagues, and its breadth about five, England hy actual survey proves to be 50,535
except at the N. E. entrance, where it is contract- square m. taking the length from N. to S. to be 366
ed to less than two miles, by the islands called m. the mean breadth from W. to E. will be within
Prince of Wales Islands.    150 m. The sea on the S. is called the English

Zndingen, a town of Suabia, in Brisgau, near Channel, and which divides England from the N.
the Rhine, 7 m. N. N. E. of Old Brisach.    W. coast of France : the sea at the S. E. point is

Enfield, a town in Middlesex, Eng. It was    called the straits of Dover, and divides England

once famous for an extensive royal chase, disfor-    from the N. W. point of France and the Nether-

ested in 1779 ; and had a royal palace, of which    lands : the sea on the E. coast of England is called

little now remains, the front having been taken    the North Sea, or German Ocean, and divides

down in 1792, and its site occupied by some England from Holland, Germany, and Jutland:
houses. It is 10 m. N. of London. Pop. 8,227. the sea on the N. W. coast of England is called
Enfield, p.t. Grafton Co. N. H. 105 m. fr. Bos- the Irish Sea, and divides England from the N.
ton. Pop. 1,492.    E. coast of Ireland. Wales, North and South,

Enfield, p.t. Hampshire Co. Mass. Pop. 1.058. bound the centre of its western side ; and the four
Enfield, a’ town of Connecticut, in Hartford S. W. counties before mentioned, project into the
county, situate on the E. bank ofthe Connecticut, Atlantic Ocean. England, for local purposes, is
16 m.*N. by E. of Hartford. Pop. 2,129.    divided into 40 counties, viz. :    Bedford, Berks,

Enfield, p.t. Tompkins Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,332. Bucks, Cambridge, Chester, Cornwall, Cumber-
Also a village in Halifax Co N. C.    land, Derby, Devon, Dorset, Durham, Essex,

Engadina, or Inthal, a delightful valley of Swit- Gloucester, Hants, Hereford, Huntingdon, Ilert-
zerland, in the canton of Grisons, extending along ford, Kent, Lancaster, Leicester, Lincoln, Mid-
th9 banks of the river Inn, from its source to dlesex, Monmouth, Norfolk,Northampton, North-
Tyrol. It is divided into Upper and Lower, the umberland, Nottingham, Oxford, Rutland, Salop,
chief towns are Zurz and Cernetz.    Somerset, Stafford, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, War-

Engelberg, a valley of Switzerland, in the can- wick, Westmorland, Wilts, Worcester, and York;
ton of Underwalden, 10 m. long, surrounded by each of which is subdivided into hundreds and
mountains. It is subject to the abbot of a Bene- parishes. For judicial purposes it is divided into
dictine monastery of the same name, whose reve- six circuits; and for ecclesiastical purposes into
nues arise principally from a commerce in cheese, two archiepiscopal and 20 episcopal sees, or juris-
The country contains extensive glaciers, on the dictions. The extent,, relations, &c., of each o"

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