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Elk Ridge, ph. Anne Arundel Co. Maryland.

Elkion, villages in Todd Co. Ken. and Giles
Co. Ten.

Elkion, a town of'Maryland, chief of Cecil coun-
ty with a considerable trade, particularly in wheat.
It is situate at the conflux of tire head branches of
the Elk, 13 miles-from its mouth in Chesapeak
oay, and 47 S. W. of Philadelphia. Long. 76. 20.
VV. lat. 39. 40. N.

Ellery ph. Chatauque Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,001.

Ellesmere, a town in Shropshire, Eng. with a
considerable trade in malt. It has a canal from
Shrewsbury, which passes hence, by Wrexham
and Chester, to the estuary of the Mersey. The
town is seated on a large mere, 16 miles N. N.
of Shrewsbury, and 178 N. W. of London. Pop.
in 1821, 6,056.

Ellichpour, or Ellishpoor, a town of Hindoos-
tan, in Berar, capital of a circar of the same name,
subject to the Nizam of the Deccan. It was
formerly the capital of Berar, and is 154 m. N.E.
of Aurungabad. Long. 78. 5. E., lat. 21. 12. N.

Ellicott, ph. Chatauque Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,101. .

Ellinaton, ph. Chatauque Co. N. Y. Pop.

Ellington, ph. Tolland Co. Conn. Pop. 1,455.

Elliot, ph. York Co. Me. Pop. 1,845. Also
the name of a missionary station in the eastern part
of Mississippi.

Ellisbum, ph. Jefferson Co. N. Y. Pop. 5J292.

Ellistille, p.v. Nicholas Co. Ken.

Ellore, a town of Hindoostan, capital of one of
the Circars, on the bay of Bengal. It is 32
miles north of Masulipatam. Long. 51. 15. E.,
lat. 16. 43. N.

Ellsworth, ,ph. Hancock Co. Me. Pop. 1.385.
Also a township in Trumbull Co. Ohio.

Elnbogen, -i town of Bohemia, capital of a ter-
ritory, in the Circle of Saatz, with a castle on a
rock, by the river Egra, 38 miles W. S. W. of
Saatz. Long. 12. 50. E., lat. 50. 20. N.

Elne, a town of France, in the department of
Eastern Pyrenees. It suffered greatly in the
civil wars, during the reign of Louis XI. and is
8 miles S. by E. of Perpignan.

Elora, a town of Hindoostan, in Dowlatabad,
celebrated for its wonderful temple cut out of the
natural rock. It is 15 miles N. of Aurungabad.

Elphin. a town of Ireland in the county of
‘of Roscommon, and the see of a bishop, 16 m. N.
of Roscommon.

E'.-i-V. a town of Upper Saxony, in Thuringia,
capital of the county of Holienstein. It stands on
the river Z-:-rge. 12 m. N. N. W. of Nordhausen.
Long. If*. 43. E., lat. 51. 33. N. a town of Westphalia, at the conflux of
the Hun tort* with the Weser, 13 m. E. N. E. of
Oldenburg, and 12 N. AV. of Bremen.

E'sb.y'V'kj*. t Salem Co. N. Y.

E’siubterg. See Helsinburgh.

EAJii'~e. a town in Denmark, seated on the
Sound, in the isle of Zealand. It is the most
com-aercii. n’ace in Denmark, next to Copenha-
gen. bring the rej-.dence of a considerable num-
ber of farrign merchants, and the consuls of the
principal nations trading to the Baltic. A little
to the E. is the fortress of Cronborg, which
guards the Sound. Every vessel as it passes,
pays a toll at Elsinore, in return for which, the
crown takes the charge of constructing light-
houses, and erecting signals to mark the shoals
and rocks, from the Categat to the entrance into
the Baltic. Elsinore has no harbour, but a good
and safe road, and is 22 m. N. of Copenhagen.

Long. 12. 35. E., lat. 56. 9. N. See Cronborg.

Eisner, White and Black, two rivers of Upper
Saxony, the first rises near the northern frontier
of Franconia and runs N. nearly parallel with
and E. of the Saal, into which it fills about 18 m.
N. W. of Leipzig ; this river proved very disastrous
to the French troops, on their retreat after the
battle of Leipzig, in October 1813.—The Black
Elster rises near the Spree in Upper Lusatia, and
after a winding course E. of the Elbe, falls into
that river in the duchy of Saxony.

Elsterberg, a town on the AV. bank of the
White Elster, near its source, 7 m. N. of Plauen.

Elsterwerda, a town and castle of Upper Sax-
ony, in Misnia, on the E. bank of the Black Els-
ter, 24 m. N. by W. of Dresden.

Eltkam, a town in Kent, Eng. Here are the
remains of a palace, in whicn Edward II. often
resided, and his son, John of Eltham, was born ;
it is now in part converted into a farm house, and
the stately hall forms the barn. It is 8 m. S. W.
of London Bridge. Pop. in 1821, 1,883.

Elvas, a strong frontier town of Portugal, in
Alemtejo, and a bishop’s see, with a castle. Here
is a cistern so large, that it will hold water enough
for the town for six months. The water is
brought by a Moorish aqueduct, three miles in
length, which, in some places is supported by
several stories of arches. On the side of it is a
forest of olive-trees, among which are walks and
fine mountains. Elvas was bombarded by the
French in 1706. A royal academy for young
gentlemen was founded here in 1733. It is seat-
ed near the Guadiana, 15 m. W. of Badajos, and
118 E. of Lisbon. Pop. about 16,000.

Elvira, a township in Union Co. Illinois.

Eltcangen. a town of Suabia, near the S.
frontier of Franconia, with a castle on a moun-
tain ; seated on the Jaxt. 13 m. N. AV. of Nord-

Ely, a city in Cambridgeshire, Eng. and a
bishop’s see. It is seated on the Ouse (which is
navigable hence to Lynn) in the fenny tract, call-
ed the Isle of Ely. The spring assizes are held
here. It is a county of itself, including the ter-
ritory around it, and has a distinct civil and crimi-
nal jurisdiction, of which the bishop is the head.
It has a fine cathedral, but is otherwise a mean
place. It is 17 m. N. of Cambridge, and 67 N.
by E. of London. Pop. in 1821, 5,079.

Ely, or Elie, a town of Scotland, on the S. E.
coast of Fifeshire, with a good harbour, with up-
wards of 20 feet water at common tide, but has
little trade. It is opposite to N. Berwick, and
forms the N. point ofentrance to the Frith ofForth.

Elyon, p.v. Jefferson Co. Alabama.

Elyria, ph. Lorrain Co. Ohio.

Elze, a town of Lower Saxony, in the princi-
pality of Hildesheim, seated on the Leine, 12 m.
S. AV. of Hildesheim, and 20 S. of Hanover.

Emanuel, a county of Georgia. Pop. 2,681.
Swainsborough is the capital.

Emboly, or Jemboli, a town of European Turkey,
in Macedonia, and a Greek archbishop’s see. It
is the ancient Amphipolis; and is sometimes call-
ed Christopolis. It is seated on the Strumona,
at its entrance into the gulf of Contessa. Long.
23. 55. E., lat. 40. 59. N.

Embden, ph. Somerset Co. Me. Pop. 894.

Embrun, a city of France, in the department of
Upper Alp^. It has a fortress built by Louis XIV.
and is seated on a craggy rock, near the river Du-
rance, 17 m. E. of Gap. It is the seat of a pre-
fect, and in 1825, contained 3,002 inhabitants

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