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D1S    254    DNI

Turkey, in Romania, and a Greek archbishop’s
see; seated on a mountain, surrounded by the
Meriza, 12 m. S. W. of Adrianople.

Dinagepoor, the capital of a district, north of
the Ganges in Bengal, 10 miles north of Mooshe-

Dirum, a town of France, in the department of
Cotes du Nord, seated on a craggy mountain, by
the river Ranee, 20 miles south of St. Malo. It
is the seat of a prefect. Pop. in 1825, 7,075.

Dinant, a town of the Netherlands, in the
territory of Liege, with a castle, and eight church-
es. The chief trade is in leather, and in the
vicinity are quarries of marble and mines of
iron. It is seated near the Meuse, 15 miles S.
by E. of Namur, and 44 S. W. of Liege.

Dinapore, or Danapoor, a military cantonment
of Hindoostan, 11 m. W. of Patna, on the S. bank
of the Ganges.

Dinasmonthy, a town of Wales, in Merioneth-
shire. It stands at the foot of a high precipice,
on the river Dysi, 18 m. S. by W. of Bala, and 196
N. W. of London.

Dindigul, a province of the peninsula of Hin-
doostan-, 86 miles long, and 40 broad, lying be-
tween Coimbetore and Travancore, and chiefly
fertile in rice. On the defeat of Tippoo, in 1799,
it became subject to the British.

Dindigul, a town of Hindoostan, capital of the
province of the same name, with a fortress on a
rock. It is 40 m. N. by W. of Madura, and 77
S. E. of Coimbetore. Long. 78. 2. E. lat. 10.
24. N.

Dmgdfingen, a town of Bavaria, seated on the
Iser, 20 in. E. N. E. of Landshut.

Dingle, a seaport and borough of Ireland, in the
county of Kerry. The chief exports are butter,
beef, corn, and linen. It is seated at the head of
an inlet, on the N. side of Dingle bay, 28 m. W.
S. W. of Tralee, and 164 S. W. of Dublin. Pop.
in 1821,4,538, and the parish 1,942 more. Lonor.
10. 38. W. lat. 51. 58. N.

Dingwall, a borough of Scotland, in Ross-shire.
Some linen yarn is manufactured here, and there
is a lintmill in the neighbourhood. It is seated
at the head of the frith of Cromarty, 18. miles W.
of Cromarty. Pop. in 1821, 2,031.

Dinkelsbuhl, a town at the N. E. extremity of
the circle of Suabia. It has a foundation of Teu-
tonic knights, and a trade in cloth and reaping-
hooks. It is seated on the Wernitz,22 miles S. S.
W. of Anspaeh, and is now included in the Bava-
rian circle of the Rezat Pop. about 6,500.

Dinwiddle, a county of the E. District of Vir-
ginia, lying between Appomattox and .Nottoway
rivers. It is about 18 miles square. Pop. 18,637.
Petersburg is the chief town.

Dippoldiswalda, a town of Saxony, 12 miles S.
by W. of Dresden.

Disentis, a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of Grisons, with an abbey founded in the seventh
century. It is situate near the source of the Low-
er Rhine, 10 miles W. by S. of Uantz.

Dishlty, a village in Leicestershire, Eng., two
miles N. W. of Loughborough, rendered famous
by a native grazier and farmer, Robert BakeweH,
(who died in 1795) from his successful experi-
ments and practices in the improvement of live
stock, more particular!v sheep.

Dismal Swamp, Great, extends about 30 miles
from N. to-S., and 10 broad between the Chesa-
peak and Albemarle Sound, partlv in Virginia,
and partly in North Carolina.
It derived its
name from its dismal aspect, being impervious in

most parts, for trees and brushwood) there is d
pond in the centre about 15 miles in circumfer-
ence. This territory abounds with noxious rep
tiles and wild animals
: within a few years a ca
nal has been cut through it from the Elizabeth
River, falling into the Chesapeak to the Pasquo-
tank, falling into Albemarle Sound; this canal
unites the harbour of Norfolk with Albemarle
Sound : it is 23 miles long and is navigable for
sloops. There is another swamp between Albe-
marle and Pamlico Sounds, called the. Little Dis-
mal Swamp.

Digs, a town of Norfolk, Eng. on the border
of Suffolk. It is seated on the river Waveney,
on the side of a hill, 19 m. S. of Norwich, and
85 N. N. E. of London. Population in 1821,

Dissen, or Tissen, a town of Westphalia, in the
principality of Osnaburg, where are salt works
which belong to Hanover. It is 16 miles S. E.
of Osnaburg.

Ditmwrsen, a district of the Duchy of Hol-
stein, lying on the coast of the German Ocean,
between the rivers Eyder and ‘Elbe, it contains
no towns of importance.

Ditteah, a town and fortress of Hindoostan, in
Bundelcund, on the frontier of Agra, about 120
miles S. by E. of the city of Agra.

Dm, an island of Hindoostan, making the S.
point of Guzerat, at the entrance of the gulf of
Cambay, 3 miles long and one broad. On it is
a fortified town of the same name, built of free
stone and marble ; and it contains some fine church
es, erected by the Portuguese, about the time
they took possession of the island in 1515.
The trade of the town, once so important, is
almost entirely removed to Surat. It is 180
miles W. by S. of Surat, and 200 N. W. of
Bombay. Long. 71. 5. E. lat. 20. 45. N.

Dixan, town of Abyssinia, in Tigre, seated
on the top of a conical hill, and inhabited by
Moors and Christians. Their chief trade is steal-
ing children, and carrying them to a market at
Masuah, whence they are sent to Arabia or
India. It is 34 miles S. of Masuah.

Dix Cove, a British fort on the Gold Coast of
N. Africa, 40 miles S. W. of Cape Coast Castle.

Dixfield, p.t. Oxford Co. Me. Pop. 890.

Dixmont, p.t. Penobscot Co. Me. Pop. 945.

Dixmude, a fortified town of the Netherlands,
in Flanders, celebrated for its excellent cheese and
butter. It is seated on the Yper, 13 miles N. of
Ypres and 11 S. of Ostend.

Dixon, a township in Preble Co. Ohio.

.Dixville, an unsettled township in Coos Co.N.H.

Dizier, St. a town of France, at the N. extremi-
ty of the department of Upper Marne, seated on
the Marne, 13 m. N. N. E. of Joinville, and 120
E. of Paris. The Marne is navigable from here
to Paris which renders St. Dizier a place of con-
siderable commerce. Pop. about 6,000.

Djebail, or Gebail, a town of Syria, seated near
the coast on the site of the ancient
Biblos, about
25 miles N. of Berus. It was a place of some
importance during the reign of Solomon, the
Biblos, having had at that time several vessels
employed in the conveyance of wood for the
building of the temple. The town was taken
possession of by the Crusaders in 1100, and at
present contains from 5 to 6,000 inhabitants.

Djebel, or’Gebel Hadda, Gebel Saade, and Gebel
Amer Kemir,
places of Mahometan devotion S. o!

Dnieper, a river of European Russia (the an


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