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of a circular form: hut the poverty of the sur-
rounding country affords few' resources for trade.
A British army of 13,000 were, on the 16th Jan.
1809, near being driven into the sea, by a French
force of 30,000 men. It is 20 miles S. W. ol
Ferrol, and 35 N. by E. of Compostella. Long.

8.19. W. and lat. 43. 33. N.

Corvey, a tow’n and small principality of West-
phalia, with a celebrated abbey ; situated on the
Weser, 27 m. E. hy N. of Paderborn. Long. 9.,

35. E. lat. 51. 46. N.

Corvo, the smallest and most northerly island of
the Azores, so called from the abundance of
crows found upon it. The inhabitants cultivate
wheat and feed hogs. Long. 31. 6. W.,lat. 39.

42. N.

Corydon, a flourishing town of Harrison coun-
ty, Indiana, situate on the base line of a bend
of the Ohio River, from which it is distant about
15 m. both E., W. and S.

Cosenza, a city of Naples," capital of 'Calabria
Citeriore, and an archbishop’s see, with a strong
castle. The environs produce abundance of corn,
fruit, oil, wine, and silk. It is situate on several
small hills, at the foot of the Apennines on the
east side, and by the River Crati, 155 m. S. E. of
Naples. Pop. about 16,000.

Coshocton, an interior county of the state of
Ohio. Several streams of considerable magnitude
unite within this county to form the Muskingum
River, which river it is in contemplation to unite
with the Cuyahoga, and thereby open a direct
water communication between the Ohio and Lake
Erie. The chief town of the same name is situ-
ate on the east bank of the Muskingum, 65 m. N.
N. E. of Columbia, the capital of the state. Pop.

Coslin, or Koeslin, a town of Further Pomerania,
which has good woolen manufactures, excellent
fisheries, and fine cattle. It is seated on the
Neslbach, 18 m. E. of Colberg.

Cosne, a town of France in the north-west part
ofthe department of Nievre. Anchors for ships
are forged here; and its cutlery and gloves, are
much esteemed. It is seated on the east bank of
the Loire, at the influx of the Noain, 34 m. N.
by W. ofNevers, and 110 S. by E. of Paris. It
is the seat of a prefect. Pop. in 1826, 5,823.

Cospour, a town of the kingdom of Assam, 276
miles east of Patna. Long. 92. 57. E. lat. 24.

Cossacs, a peopl; inhabiting the confines o Po-
land, Russia, Tartary, and Turkey. They are
divided into the K isakki-sa-Parovi, the Kosakki-

56. N.

Donski, and the Uralian Cossacs. The men are
large and well made, have blue eyes, brown hair,
and aquiline noses; the women are handsome, well
shaped, and complaisant to strangers. The Ura
lian Cossacs dwell in villages along the banks of
the Ural and their chief town is Uralsk. The
country which the Kosakki-sa-Parovi inhabit is
called the Ulkraine, and their towns are built of
wood after the manner of the Russians. The
Kosakki-Donski dwell on both sides of the Don,
are under the protection of Russia, and profess the
same religion. See
Ukraine, and Uralian Cos

Cosseir, a town of Egypt on the Red Sea, and
the chief place of trade across that sea, between
Egypt and Arabia. It is 280 m. S. by E. of Suez
Long. 33. 50. E. lat. 26. 8. N.

Cossimbazar, a river of Hindoostan, in Bengai,
the most western arm of the Ganges, from which
it separates 35 miles below Rajemal. It passes
by Moorshedabad, Cossimhazar, &c. to Nuddea,
where it is joined by the Jellingy, another arm
of the Ganges, and their united streams form the

Cbssimbazar, a town of Hindoostan, in Bengal.
It has been at all times the residence of the dif
ferent European factors, this being the centre of
their trade. It is seated on the river of the same
name, by which it is surrounded, 7 miles south
of Moorshedabad, and 105 north of Calcutta.

Cossimcotta, a tow'n of Hindoostan, in the cir-
car of Circacole, on a river that flows into the Bay
of Bengal, 74 m. S. W. of Circacole. Long. 83.
7. E. lat. 17. 42. N.

Cossipour, a town and fortress of Hindoostan,
in Dehli, on the north-east border of the prov-
ince, 100 m. E. N. E.of Dehli. Long. 79. 18. E.
lat. 29.14. N.

Costa Rica, a province of the chain of territory
that unites the twin grand divisions of the western
hemisphere, bounded on the north by Lake Nicara-
gua, and on the south-east by Veragua. It has
rich mines of gold and silver but in other respects
is mountainous and barren. Cartago is the

Costalnitza, a town of Croatia, on the river
Udda, and borders of Bosnia, 57 m. E. S. of Carl-
stadt. Long. 17. 8. E., lat. 45. 20. N.

Cosicick, a town of Upper Saxony, in the prin-
cipality of Anhalt, with a castle, situate on the
Elbe, 10 m. W. by N. of Whittenburg.

Cotabamba, a town in the province of Cuzco,
Peru, seated on the wrest bank of the Apurimac
River, 75 miles south of the city of Cuzco.

Cotbus, a towin and district of Lowrer Lusatia.
The castle stands on an eminence on the east side
of the towin. Here are a great number of French
protestants, who have introduced their manufac
tures; and it is noted for excellent beer, pitcn,
and flax. It is seated on the river Spree, 60 m
E. by S. of Wittenburg. Long. 14. 24. E., lat.

51. 46. N.

Cote d’Or, an interior department in the east
part of France, which has its name from a moun-
tain, situate at the south of Dijon. It contains
part of the late province of Burgundy. Dijon is
the capital. Population estimated at 400,000.

Cotes du JVord, a department of France, so nam-
ed from its northern maritime position. It con-
tains part of the late province of Bretagne. St.
Brieux is the capital.

Coteswold Hills, a long tract of high ground in
the east part of Gloucestershire, Eng. It affords
in many places a fine short grass for the feed of

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