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CON    215    CON

of Spain, capital of Galicia, and an archbishop’s
see, with a university. The public squares and
churches are magnificent; and it has a great
number of convents for both sexes. It is pre-
tended that the body of St. James, the patron of
Spain was buried here ; and pilgrims visit his
wooden image, which stands on the great altar
9f the cathedral. From this city the military
order of St. Jago had its origin. It is seated in
a beautiful plain between the rivers Tambra and
Ulla, 35 m. S. by W. of Corunna, and 300 N. N.
W. of Madrid. Pop. about 12,000.

Compostella, a town of Mexico, in Guadalajara,
capital of the district of Xalisco. There are sev-
eral mines of silver in its neighbourhood. It is
110 m. W. of Guadalajara, and abouf 50 from the
shore of the Pacific Ocean, in the long, of 105.
42# W. lat. 21. 15. N.

Compton, t. Bergen Co. N. J.

Conamcut, or Canonieut, an island in Narragan-
set Bay forming part of the state of Rhode Is-
land. It lies parallel to Rhode Island on the west,
and is 8 miles long and one mile broad. It con-
tains the town of Jamestown, and has a produc-
tive soil.

Concan, a low tract of country, on the west
coast of the Deccan of Hindoostan. From this
tract rises abruptly that stupendous wall of
mountains, called the Ghauts. It lies between the
Portuguese settlement of Goa and Bombay, in
the lat. of 16. and 19. N., and was formerly desig-
nated the Pirate Coast, in consequence of the
frequent piracies committed upon it during the
17th and 18th centuries. The pirates were ex-
tirpated by a united British and Mahratta force
in 1756, and the territory guaranteed to the
Peishwa of the Mahrattas, in whose sovereignty
it still continues. It is about 40 miles wide, and
intersected by several small rivers; and the coast
is indented by numerous bays and harbours, the
principal of which are as follows, beginning at
the north, viz, C-houl, Bancjote, or Fort Victoria,
Dabul, Zigar, Gheria, and Rajpoor: off Dabul,
lies the small island of Severndroog, which was
the main point of rendezvous for the pirates.

Concarnetm, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Finisterre, with a castle seated on a
small inlet of the sea, 16 m. S. E. of Quimper.

Concepcion, Bay and town of, in Chile. The
Bay of Concepcion is one of the most commo-
dious on the whole western coast of South
America. It is about ten miles each way, open
to the N. W., the entrance being divided into two
channels by the small island of Quiriquina.
Roth channels have sufficient depth of water for
the largest vessels; the eastern is about two
miles wide, and the western about one mile and a
half. The south side of the island of Quiriquina
affords very good anchorage; but the S. W. ex-
tremity of the bay is more convenient. On the
shore of this
"-011 of the bay is the town of Tal-
cahuana. nearly on the site of which the town of
C-ininpo -n was originally founded by Valdivia in
1550: and it was. for a considerable time, the
capital of all Chile : but having repeatedly suffer-
ed from the attacks of the Araucanians, the seat
of government was transferred to St. Jago, and
having also been injured by an earthquake in 1730,
and totally destroyed in 1751, the town was re-
built on the north bank of the Biobio River, at a
distance of abont six miles S. E. of the site of
the former town. Next to St. Jago, it is the
most populous town in Chile, and in 1326 contain-
ed about 13,000 inhabitants. It is situate in the

province of Puchacay, in the lat. of 36. 48. N,
and 73. 8. of W. long.

Concepcion, a sea-port of the province of Vera-
gua; seated near the shore of the Caribbean sea,
on the river Veragua, 95 m. W. by S. of Porto-
bello. Long. 81. 40. W., lat. 8. 48. N.

Concepcion del Pao, an interior town of Colom-
bia, in the province of Venezuela, situate on the
border of the great plain of the Orinoco, about
140 m. S. S. W. of Cumana. The inhabitants
drive considerable herds of cattle to Barcelona
and Cumana, for exportation to the West Indies.

Conception, one of the large bays of the Isl-
and of Newfoundland, at the S. E. end, in the
lat. of 47. 30. to 48. N., and 52. 30. of W. long.

Conchas, a river of Mexico, in the Intendency
of Durango, which has its source near St. Cruz, j
in the lat? of 48. 40. N.; runs south for about 70
m. then in a W. N. W. direction for about the
same distance, and then due north for about 160
m. into the Rio del Norte.

Concize, a town of Switzerland, on the west
bank, near the south end of the Lake of Neuf-
chatel. Pop. about 2,500.

Coneobello, a town in the interior of South
Africa, in Anziko, the residence of a prince;
seated on the River Zaire, and borders on Congo,
150 m. S. AV. of Monsol. Long. 15. 54. E. lat.

2. 5. S.

Concord, ph.. Merrimack Co. is the seat of gov-
ernment of N. Hampshire. It is pleasantly situ-
ated on both sides of'the Merrimack, along which
spread some rich intervals. The chief village is on
the west side, and forms a strait 2 miles in length.
It contains a State House and State Prison, both
of stone. Concord has a considerable trade and
a boat navigation to Boston by the river and Mid-
dlesex canal. Distance from Boston 62 m. from
Portsmouth. Pop. 3,727.

Concord, p.v. Middlesex Co. Mass. 16 m. N. AA7.
Boston. Pop. 2,017. The first provincial congress
met here in 1774, and the first opposition to the
British arms in the conflict usually termed the
battle of Lexington, was made at this place. See

There are 17 other towns named Concord
in different parts ofthe United States.

Concordia, a town of Italy, in the Modenese,
on the river Sechia, 5 miles west of Mirandola.

Concordia, a town of Italy, in Friuli, 28 m.
S. S. W. of Udina.

Concordia, a parish of Louisiana, extending
north from the entrance of Red River abont 140
miles along the west bank of the Mississippi,
being about 15 miles in mean breadth. Pop.
4,662. The seat of justice has the same name
and is seated on the Mississippi opposite Natchez.

Condanore, a town of Hindoostan, in Golconda,
24 m. E. of Adoni.

Condapilly, a town of Hindoostan, capital of
one of the five Circars. It is situate near the hay
of Bengal, north of the Kistnah, 80 m. S. S. E.
of Rajamundry. Long. 80. 30. E. lat. 16. 37.
N. •

Condapour, a town of Hindoostan, in Golconda,
20 m. S. by AV. of Hydrabad.

Condatehy, a town on the west coast of the Isl-
and of Ceylon, off which is the principal pearl
fishery, it is south of the Island of Manar, in
the lat. of 8. 45. N.

Condavir, a town of Hindoostan, and the piin-
cipal post of Guntoor, one of the five Circars. It
is strongly situate on a mountain, 30 m. S. W
of Condapilly, and 65 N. N. W. of Ongole


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