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jrouche, at its head. Along the coast are numer-
ous inhabitants whose occupation is fishing and

Chalf or d', or Chdfford, a village in Gloucester-
shire, Eng. 2 m. S. E. of Stroud. It stands on
the Stroud canal, and has a considerable manufac-
ture of broad cloth. See

ChaUans, a town of France, in the department
of Vendee, situate aDout 12 in. from the coast,
and 21 m. N. of Sables d’Oloone.

Quill one, a town of France, in the department of
Mayenne and Loire, situate on the S. bank of the
Loire, 30 m. E. N. E. of Nantes. Pop. about 5,000.

Chalons sur Marne, a city of France, capital of
the department of Marne, and lately an episcopal
6ee. It contains several public buildings and

12,000 inhabitants, who carry on a considerable
trade in shalloons and other woolen stuffs. Here
is an academy of the sciences, arts, and belles-let-
tres. Chalons is seated on the river Marne, over
which there is one very handsome, and two other
bridges. It is 25 m. S. E. of Rheims, and 95 E. of

Chalons sur Saone, a city of France, in the de-
partment of Saone and Loire, with a citadel, and
lately an episcopal see. It is the staple of iron for
Lvon and St. Etienne, and of wines for exporta-
tion. Here are various indications of Roman
magnificence, particularly the ruins of an amphi-
theatre. The city c t ntains the old town, the new
town, ar.d die suburb of St. Lawrence. In the
first is the court of justice, and the cathedral.
Chalons is sealed on the Saone. 70 m. N. of Ly-
ons, and 170 S. E. of Paris. Pop. about 9.000.

Chains, a town of France, in the department of
Upper Vienne, with a castle. Richard I. of Eng-
land, while pr' paring to besiege this place, re-
ceived a wound in his shoulder, by an arrow,
which proved mortal. It is 15 m. W. S. W. of

Chain, a town of Bavaria, seated on the river
Cham, at its confluence with the Regen, 27 m.
N. E. of Ratisbon. Pop. about 2,000.

Cham,, is also the name of a small town on the
N. W. bank of the Lake of Zug, in Switzerland,
and a town at the mouth of a small river, falling
into the Gulf of Siam, on the west side ; it is also
Citim) the name of a district in Cochin China.

Ckumbersburg, a town of Pennsylvania, Frank-
lin county, situate in a hilly country, 30 m. S. W.
of Carlisle. It is a flourishing place and has
manufactories of excellent cutlery.

Chamberry, the capital of Savoy, with a castle,
and a ducal palace. It is fortified by walls and
ditch-?-. and watered by many streams, which run
through several of the streets. There are piazzas
under most of the houses, where people may walk
•irv in the worst weather. It has large and hand-
some suburbs : and in the neighbourhood are some
baths, much trequented in summer. In 1742, the
Spaniards maA themselves masters of this capi-
tal. but it was restored by the peace of 1748. It
was taken in 1792 by the French, who were dis-
possessed of it in 17.0, but regained it in 1800. It
is seated at the conflux of the Lesse and D’Albon,
27 m. N. E. of Grenoble, and 85 N. W. of Turin.
Pop. about 12.000. Long. 5. 50. E. lat. 45.
33. N.

Chambertin, a village of France, in the depart-
ment of Cote d’Or, celebrated for its delicious
wine. It lies to the south of Dijon.

Chambly, a fort of Lower Canada, on the river
Chambly, or Sorel, issuing from Lake ChamplHLiri.
It was taken by the Americans in 1775, and reta-
ken by the English in 1776. It is' 15 m. east o
Montreal; and a little higher on the same river
is the fort of St. John, which is a frontier

Chamneishoi, a town of Asiatic Russia lying
south of the south end of Lake Baieal, near the
frontiers of Chinese Tartary.

Cliamouni, one of the elevated valleys of the
Alps, about 3,300 feet above the level or tne sea.
It is at the foot of Mont Blanc, on the north side,
and is watered by the Arve, and celebrated for its
herds of goats. There is a village of the same
name in the bosom of the valley, on the banks of
the Arve, 42 m. E. N. E. of Chamberry, and 35

S. E. of Geneva.

diamond, St. a town of France, in the depart
ment of Rhone, with a castle on the river Giez, 17
m. S. of Lyon.

Champagne, a late province of France, 162 m.
long and 112 broad; bounded on the north by
Hainault and Luxemburgh, east by Lorrain and
Franche Comte, south by Burgundy, and west by
the Isle of France and Soissonnois. It now forms
the departments of Ardennes, Aube, Marne and
Upper Marne.

%* There are several small towns and vil-
lages of the same name in different parts of

Champaign, an interior county of the State
of Ohio, about 20 miles in length, from east to
west, and 10 broad ; it is intersected from north
to south by Mad River, a branch of the Great
Miami. Pop. 12,130. Urbana, 50 m. W. N. W.
of Columbus, is the chief town.

Champaneer, a city and capital of a district of
the same name, in the province of Malwa, Hin-
doostan: it was formerly the capital of the rajahs
of Guzerat; ruins of temples and mosques remain
to attest its former consequence. It is 45 m. due
east of Cambray.

Champion, ph. Jefferson Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,342
Also a township in Trumbull Co. Ohio.

Champlain, a lake of North America, which di
vides the north part of the state of New York from
that of Vermont. It is 90 miles long, in a direc-
tion due north, and 15 in its broadest part; the
mean width is about six miles, and its depth is
sufficient for the largest vessel. It contains many
islands, the principal of which, called North He
ro, is 24 miles long, and from two to four wide
It receives the waters of Lake George from the

S. S. W. and sends its own waters a north course,
through Chambly River, into the St. Lawrence.
The land on its borders, and on the banks of its
rivers is good. Although this lake lies between
the lat. of 45. and 47. it is frequently frozen over
so as afford a passage on the ice for two or three
months in the year; it is united with Lake Erie
by a canal.

Champlain, a town of New York, in Clinton
County, situate on Lake Champlain, near its
north extremity, 190 m. N. Albany. Pop. 2,456.

Champlemy, a town of France, in the depart-
ment' of Nievre, near the source of the Nievre,
25 m. N. N. E. of Nevers.

Chancay, a seaport of Peru, capital of a district
of the same name. It has a convenient port; 45
m. north by west of Lima.

Chanceford, Upper and Lower, towns in York
Co. Pa.

Chanda, a town of Hindoostan, in Berar, seated
on a branch of the Godavery, 78 m. S. ol Nag-
pour. Long. 79. 54. E. lat. 20. 2. N.

Chanderee, a town of Hindoostan, capital of s


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