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CAR    07

Iiament of the United Kingdom. It is 18 m. N. E.
of the city of Kilkenny and 39 S.
W. of Dublin.

Carlowilz, a town of Sclavonia, where a peace
was concluded between the Turks and Germans,
in 1669. It is seated on the south bank of the
Danube, just helow Peterwaraden, 38 m. N. W. of
Belgrade. Pop. about 5,600.

Carlsbad, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of
Saatz, celebrated for its hot baths, discovered by
the emperor Charles IV. as he was hunting. It
is seated on the Topel, near its confluence with
the Egra, 24 m. E. N. E. of Eger, and 70 S. E. of
Dresden. Pop. about 3,000.

Carlsburg, a town of Lower Saxony, in the duchy
of Bremen, on the river Geeste, at the mouth of
the Weser, 30 m. N. by W. of Bremen Long 8.

45. E. lat. 53. 32. N

Carlsburg, a city of Transylvania. (See Weis-

Cariserona, or Carlscroon, a city and seaport of
Sweden, in Blekingen. It was founded in 1680
by Charles XI., who removed the fleet from
Stockholm to this place, on account of its cen-
tral situation, and the superiority of its harbour,
the entrance of which is defended, by two strong
forts. The greatest part of the town is built of
wood, and stands upon a small rocky island, which
rises gently in a bay of the Baltic. The suburbs
extend over another small rock, and along the
mole, close to the basin where the fleet is moored;
and are for
Lined, towards the land, by a stone
wall. Here are excellent docks far the repairing
and building of ships, fottndrres far cannon. and
manufactures of gunpowder, ropes, sails. Ac. The
Admiralty Board was transferred back t* Stock-
holm in 1770. The inhabitants are estimated at

15,000. It is 220 m. S. S. W. of Stockholm.
Long. 15. 26. E. lat. 56. 7. N.

Catlshaven, or Carlshavim, a town of Sweden,
in Blekingen, with a woolen manufacture, a forge
for copper, and a timber yard, 22 m. W. of Carls-

Carlsruhe, a town in the northern part of the
territory of the grand duke of Baden, and recent-
ly adopted as the seat of government. It was
first founded in 1715, but has not been of
much importance until subsequent to the peace
of lrl4 ; it was taken possession of by the French
in 175*6; the streets are laid out in regular order;
the ducal palace is in the centre of the town, and
has a lofty spire, and being, as well as several
other public buildings, with the houses generally,
built of 'stone, the whole presents rather an im-
posing appearance. The population in 1826,
amcKinted to about 12,000. It is about 40 m. N.
bv £. of Strasburg, and about the same distance
W . by X. of Stuttgard.

Caristmek. the capital of Croatia, with a for-
ties* : salted on the Kulpa, a branch of the Save,
at the
iMiSai of the Corona, 180 m. S. by W. of
Vienna, ask 4o E. N. E. of Fiume.i

Gwfeisit. a town of Sweden, capital of Wer-
awl a bishop's’ see. It stands on the
north ssde ®f tfce lake Wener, and on the island
of Tingwaita^ which is formed by two branches
of the Clara. Tfae houses are built of wood, and
pain*ed; the e
piscopal palace is also of wood, and
has an extensive iraat. The inhabitants carry
on a trade in copper, iron, and wood across the
lake. It is 155 m. west of Stockholm. Pop.
about 1,500.

Carlstadt, a town of Franconia, in the princi-
pality of Wurtzburg, seated on the Maine, 13 m.
N. by W. of Wurtzburg. It is now included

in the Bavarian circle of Lower Maine, f ' p

about 2,200.

Carlton, there are about 30 villages of this
name in different parts of England, probably de-
rived from the Saxon word
Carle, implying a
small or mean town.

Carmagnola, a fortified town of Piedmon), witli
a citadel, seated on a small river, which runs intc
the Po, 14 m. south of Turin. Pop. about I2,00C

Car. For some places that begin thus, see un-
Caer, and Kar.

Carmel, a mountain of Syria, in Palestine,
about 2,000 feet above the level of the sea, on the
north side of the Bay of Acre ; noted for having
been the retreat of the prophet Elias, and for a
monastery of Carmelites. It is 50 m. N. of

Carmel, p.t. Penobscot Co. Me. Pop. 237.

Carmel, p.t. Putnam Co. New York, oil the
east bank of the Hudson, 88 m. south of Albany.
Pop. 2,379.

Carmi, p.t. White Co. Illinois, on the Little

Carmona, a town of Italy in Austrian Friuli,
on a mountain near the river Indri, 7 m. N. W.
of Goritz.

Carmona, a town of Spain, in Andalusia, with
many remains of ancient wails, inscriptions, &c.
The gate towards Seville is one of the most ex-
traordinary pieces of antiquity in all Spain ; and
its castle, now in ruins, was formerly of immense
extent. It is seated on a high hill, 24 m. E. N
E. of Seville.

Carnatic, a territory of Hindoostan extending
along the east coast from Cape Comorin, the
southern extremity of Asia, in the lat. of 8. 4. N.
to near the moutn of the Kristna in the lat. of 16
N. varying in breadth from 50 to 100 miles,
bounded on tne west by the Mysore, and on the
E. for about two degrees of lat. bv the Gulf of
Manara and Palks Strait, which divides it from
the north end of the island of Ceylon, the re-
mainder of its eastern boundary being better
known by the name of the coast of Coromandel.
The principal towns on the coast, beginning
from the south are Negapatam, Pondicherry, Ma-
dras, Pullicat, and Gangapatam, and those in the
interior, beginning also from the south, are
Tinevelly, Madura, Tritchinopoly, Tanjore, Ar-
cot, Nellore, and Ongole. Numerous streams
and rivers from thf westward intersect this terri-
tory, the principal of which are the Cauvery, Cud-
dalore, Paliare, and Pennar. The soil is various in
quality, being in some places exceedingly fertile,
and in others sandy and barren ; the inhabitants
are occasionally exposed to great privations for
want of water. Since 1801, it has been uninter-
ruptedly possessed by the British, and included in
the presidency of Madras,
which see.

Cwrnawl, a town of Hindoostan, in the pro-
vince of Dehli. Here in 1739, Kouli Khan gain-
ed a victory over the army of the great mogul;
and in 1761, the Seiks, under Abdalla, defeated
the Mahrattas. It is seated at the junction of
the Hissar canal with the Jumna. It is 80 m
N. W. of Dehli.

Camesville, p.t. Franklin Co. Geo. 114 m. N

Carniola, duchy of, a territory of the Austrian
empire, lying between the lat. of 45. 30. and 46
30. N. and 13. 25. and 15. 40. of E. long, com
prising an area of about 4,600 square miles, ant
containing about 400,000 inhabitants. It fa
bounded on the north by Low**r Carinthia tb«

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