Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 139 Left Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page  139  Left Column
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    Wipper River
    Dusseldorf (directional)
Burgas, Romania, European Turkey (main entry)
    Black Sea
    Constantinople (directional)
Burgau, Suabia (main entry)
    Upper Danube
    Mindel River
    Guntzburg (directional)
    Augsburg (directional)
Burgdorf, Bern, Switzerland (main entry)
    Emmen River
Bergdorf, Luneburg, Lower Saxony (main entry)
    Awe River
    Zell (directional)
Burgh, Cumberland, United Kingdom (main entry)
    Carlisle (directional)
    Edward I
Burghaun, Fulda, Germany (main entry)
    Haun River
    Fulde (directional)
Burghausen (main entry)
Burglengenfel, Neuburg, Bavaria (main entry)
    Nab River
    Ratisbon (directional)
Burgos, Old Castile, Spain (main entry)
    Castile, Kings of
    Salamanca, Battle of
    Aranzon River
    Leon (directional)
    Madrid (directional)
Burgu, Libya, Zahara (main entry)
    Berdoa (synonym for Burgu, Libya, Zahara)
    Burgu, Burgu, Libya, Zahara
    Augila (directional)
    Mourzook (directional)
Burgundy, France (main entry)
    Bourgogne (synonym for Burgundy, France)
    Franche Comte
    Côte-d’Or, France
    Saône-et-Loire, France
    Yonne, France
Burhampour, Candeish, Hindoostan (main entry)
    Tapty River
    Surat (directional)
Buriano, Siennese, Tuscany (main entry)
    Lake Castigleno
    Massa (directional)
Burich (main entry)
Burka, Oman, Arabia (main entry)
    Mascat (directional)
Burias (Island), Philippine Islands (main entry)
Burke County, North Carolina, United States (main entry)
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