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running from S. to N. past Louvain and Malines,
into the Nethes, before it falls into the Scheldt.
The former of these divisions, besides the towns
above mentioned, contains the city of Antwerp,
and the towns of Turnhout and Herenthals, and
numerous villages; and the latter, Brussels,
Arschot, Tirelmont, &c. &c. With some partial
exceptions, this is a very fertile and important
district; it yields, after supplying its inhabitants
with abundance of all things necessary tor sub-
sistence and comfort, a surplus of flax and of
wheat of very superior quality. It was annexed
to Holland at the general peace; and Brussels
made the seat of government in alternate years
with the Hague (see Netherlands.) The inhabitants
are Catholics, and speak the French language.

Braeadale, a town and parish of Scotland, on
the west coast of the isle of Skye, which in 1821
contained a pop. of 2,103.

Bracciano, a town of Italy, in the patrimony of
St. Peter, celebrated for manufactures of paper,
the ruins of Veia, and some warm baths in its
vicinity. It is situated on a lake of the same
name, 12 m. N. W. of Rome.

Braecigliano, a town of Narples, in Principato
Citeriore, 7 m. N. N. W. of Salerno.

Braeecille, ph. Trumbull Co. Ohio.

Bracken, a frontier county on the north east
side of Kentucky, bounded by the Ohio River.
Pop. 6,392. Augusta, on the Ohio, 90 m. N. E.
of Frankfort, is the chief town.

Braciicnkcim, a town of the duchy of Wirtem-
berg, about 6 miles W. of the Necker at Lauffen,
and 18 N. of Stutgard. Pop. about 1,500. It
has a well endowed hospital.

Bracldey, a borough in Northamptonshire, Eng.
It contains two churches, and had formerly
college, now a free-school. It is seated on the
Ouse, 18 m. S. S. W. of Northampton, and 63
N. W. of London. It returns two members to
uarliament. Pop. in 1821,1,851.

Braclaw, a strong town in the south of Rus-
sian Poland, capital of the Palatinate of its
name, in Podolia. It stands on the river Bog, 85
m. E. of Kaminieck.

Bradfidd, a town in Essex, Eng. seated on the
river Blackwater, 16 m. N. of Chelmsford, and 44
N. N. E. of London. Pop. 822.

Bradfidd, is also the name of a township, in
the parish of Ecclesfield, Eng. 6 miles north of
Sheffield, in the manufactures of which it is ex-
tensively occupied. Pop. in 1821, 5,298. It is
also the name of seven other towns aAid villages
in different parts of England, all inconsiderable.

Bradford, a town in Wiltshire, Eng. It is the
centre of the greatest fabric of superfine cloths in
England, and is eminent for the nicest mixtures.
Theie are about twenty extensive establishments.
It stands on the side of a rocky hill, on the Lower
Avon, 10 m. N. bv W. of Warminster, and 100
W. of London. Bop. in 1821, 10,231.

Bradford, a large and populous parish and town
in the West Riding of Yorkshire, Eng. in which
manufacturing industry manifested itself as strong-
ly during the first 20 years of the present centu-
ry, as in any part of the kingdom. The town,
which in 1801 contained a pop. of only 6,393, and
in 1811 of 7.767, in 1821, contained 13,064, and the
aggregate of the parish 52,954, which in 1811 was
only 36,353. In the town there are about forty
large dealers in wool, about 30 large establish-
ments for the sp
inning of ditto, and sixty factories
for the weaving of ditto, into various kinds of
stuffs. It has five or six extensive iron foun ■
dries, as many machine manufactories, and several
employers both in the manufacture of hats and
combs; and, that there may be no lack of un-
ceasing toil, the cotton manufacture has also es- •
tahlislied itself in the parish. The town is situate
at the foot of the ridge of mountains which divides
the West Riding of Yorkshire from Lancashire,
on the banks of a small river, falling into the Aire,
on the south side. It has also the advantage of a
collateral cut to the Leeds and Liverpool canal;
and consequently a facility of communication, of
water, with all parts of the kingdom. The sur-
rounding country abounds in iron ore, coal, flag-
stones, and slates. The parish church is a stately
Gothic edifice : a new church, built by subscrip-
tion, was opened in 1815. It has several other ,
religious places of worship, a free grammar |
school, and a market hall for the exhibition of the
worsted stuffs brought for sale ; It is 10 m. W. of
Leeds, and 9 N. E. of Halifax. '

Bradford, derived from two Saxon words imply-
Broad ford, is the name of six other towns and
villages in different parts of England, situate on
the banks of streams that formerly used to be

Bradford, a county in the E. District of Penn-
sylvania, bordering on New York. It is intersec-
ted by the east branch of the Susquehannah river,
which receives numerous collateral branches
flowing from all directions within the county.
Pop. 19,669. Towanda, 189 m. N. by E. of Harris-
burg, is the chief town.

Bradford, ph. Merrimack Co. N. H. 80 m. fr.
Boston. Pop. 1,285.

Bradford, ph. Essex Co. Mass. on the Merri-
mack, opposite Haverhill. Pop. 1,856. This town
has some ship-building and manufacture of shoes.
It is 10 m. from Newburyport.

Bradford, p.v. Orange Co. Vt. 53 m. S. E.
Montpelier. Pop. 1,507.

Bradford, East and West, towns in Chester
Co. Pa.

Bradford, t. Clearfield Co. Ohio.

Brading, a corporate town of Hampshire, Eng.
near the east angle of the Isle of Wight, at the
head of a large haven, which admits small vessels
to the quay at high water. It is 6 m. E. of New-
port, and 8 S. of Portsmouth. Pop. in 1821, 2,023.

Bradley, derived from two Saxon words, broad
the latter signifying meadow or pasture
land, is the name of about twenty towns and vil-
lages in different parts of England ; all inconsider-
able. And
Brad precedes different terminations,
names of about twenty other towns and villages
in England ; all, likewise, inconsiderable.

Braga, a city of Portugal, capital of Entre-
J^ouro-e-Minho, and the see of an archbishop,
primate • f Portugal. It contains four churches,
besides the cathedral, and eight convents. There
are some ruins of an amphitheatre, and an aque-
duct. It is seated in a fertile country, on the
Cavado, about 25 m. N. by E. of Oporto, and 180
m. N. of Lisbon.

Braganza, a city of Portugal in Tras os Montes,
capital of a duchy of the same name. It is di-
vided into the old and new town : the former is
on an eminence, surrounded by double walls, now
in ruins ; and the latter is on a plain, at the foot
of a mountain, defended by a fort. It is seated,
on the Fervanza, 32 m. N. N. W. of Miranda,
and 88 N. E. of Oporto. The duchy was con-
stituted in 1442, and the possessor of the title was
raised to the throne of Portugal in 1640, and has
continued ir succession to thr present time


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