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BEL    87    BEL

trade in beer, seated on the Elbe, 8 m. S. E. of

Belgium. See Netherlands.

Belgrade, a celebrated town and fortress of Eu-
ropean Turkey, capital of Servia, and a Greek
bishop’s see, seated at the confluence of the Saave
with the Danube, immediately contiguous to the
Sclavonian fortress of Semlin. It was first pos-
NS*1    sessed    by    the    Turks    in    1522,    retaken    by the

confederated German powers in 1088, hut again
taken by the Turks in 1690. It was taken by
prince Eugene in 1717, and kept till 1739, when
it was ceded to the Turks. It was again taken in

1789, and restored at the peace of Reichenbach, in

1790, and in 1806 it surrendered to an insurgent
force of Servians, in opposition to the wanton au-
thority of the Janissaries. In addition to its emi-
nence as a fortress, it is one of the most considera-
ble trading towns in Western Turkey. It is about
440 m. N. W. of Constantinople, and 160 S. S. E.
of Pest.

Belgrade, a town of European Turkey, in Ro-
mania, on the strait of Constantinople, 20 miles
north of that city.

Belgrado, a town of Italy, in Friuli, seated near
the Tojamenta, 81 m. S. by W. of Udina.

* Belida, or Bleeda, a town of Algiers, in the pro-
vince of Titeria, at the foot of a ridge of mountains,
15 m. S. E. of Algiers.

Belitz, a town of Brandenburg, Prussia, in the
Middle Mark, with a manufacture of cloth, sea-
ted on a river of the same name. 27 m. S. AV. of

BeUac, a town of France, in the department of
Upper Vienne, seated on the A'incon. 20 m. N. of
Limoges. Pop. about 4,000.

Bellamy Bank, r. unites with the Piscataqua at
Dover, N. H.

Belleforte, ph. Centre Co. Pa.

Bellegarde, a fortress of France, in the depart-
ment of Eastern Pyrenees, and an important place,
on account of its being a passage to the Pyrenees.
It was taken by the Spaniards in 1793, but retaken
the next year. It is 15 m. S. of Perpignan.

Bellegarde, a town of France, in the department
of Saone and Loire, on the river Saone, 15 m. N.
E. of Chalons.

Belleisle, an island of France, 15 miles from the
coast of Bretagne. It is 10 miles long and three
broad, diversified with craggy mountains, salt-
works, and fertile plains. The principal place
is Palais, a fortified town, wit^i a citadel. It was
taken bv the English, in ]761, and restored in
1762. It now forms part of the department of
Morbihan, and contains a population of about 5,800.
Long. 3. 5. AV. lat. 47. 17. N.

Bditisle. an island athhe N. E. end of a channel
between New7 Britain and Newfoundland, called
the Strait of Belleisle. The island is 20 miles
in circuit, and has a small harbour on the N. W.
side. Lon?. 55. 25. AV. lat. 51. 58. N.

Bdhfsmt. a town of France, in the department
of Ome. with an ancient castle, 24 m. E. S. E. of
Alenoon and -*3 S. AV. of Paris

BeUtritv. ph. AN’ashington Co. Missouri, in the
Mine District.

Belleville, p.v. Essex Co. N. J. on the Passaic, 5
m. above Newark. Here are calico printing
works which turn out annually near 7,000,000
yards, also manufactures of copper, brass, silver,
red and white lead,

Belleville, ph. AYood Co. ATa. on the Ohio. There
are also towns of this name in Ohio, Illinois, Ken
lucky and Alabama.

Belley, a town of France, in the department of
Ain, and lately a bishop’s see ; seated near the
Rhone, 40 m. S. E. of Bourg. Long. 5.44. E. lat.
45. 47. N. Pop. about 3,800.

Bellhiem, a town in the Bavarian circle of the
Rhine, lying between Laudan and Phillipsburg,
on the west side of the river.

Beilin, a town of Brandenburg, in tt- 2 new Mark,
east of the Oder Canal, about 18 m. N. N. AV. of

Bellingham, a town in Northumberland, Eng.
seated on the north branch of the Tyne, 15 m. N
N. AV. of Hexham, and 300 of London.

Bellingham, ph. Norfolk Co. Mass. 26 m. S.
W. Boston. Pop. 1,101.

Bellinzona, a town of Switzerland, capital of the
canton of Tessin. It is seated on the Tesino, five j
miles above its entrance into the lake Maggiore,
and 22 W. S. W. of Chiavenna. Long. 8. 55. E.
lat. 46. 8. N.

Bellows Falls, a cataract on the Connecticut be-
tween Walpole and Rockingham, consisting of
several pitches in a very narrow strait of the riv-
er. A large rock here divides the stream into two
channels, each 90 feet wide, but when the river is
low the whole current is thrown into the western
channel, where it is contracted to 16 feet and rush-
es with astonishing rapidity. A bridge is built
over these falls, and a canal passes round them.

Bell Rock, or Inch Cape, a ledge of partly sunk-
en rocks, off the east coast of Scotland, between
the Friths of Forth and Tay, formerly very dan-
gerous in foggy weather, and by night, but some
what obviated since 1811, by the erection of a
light-house upon the most prominent point, in lat.
56. 26. X. and long. 2. 23. AV.

Bflluntse, a district of Italy, lying between Fri-
uli, Cadorinn, Feltrino, and Tyrol. It has large
woods, and iron mines: and is fertile in corn.
w7ine, and fruit. Belluno is the only place of

Belluno, a town of Italy, capital of the Bel-

lunese, and a bishop’s see, seated among the Alps,
on the river Piave, 15 m. N. E. of Feltri. Long.

12. 9. E. lat. 43. 13. N. Pop. about 7,500.

Belmont, a county on the east side of the state
of Ohio, bordering on the Ohio River, which se-
parates it from Virginia. Pop. 24,412. St. Clairs-
vilie, the chief town, is 123 m. E. of Columbus.

Belmont, ph. Waldo Co. Me. 20 m. W. Castine
Pop. 1,024.

Belmont, Wayne Co. Missouri.

Belmont, the name of two inconsiderable towns
in France, one in the department of Loire, and
the other in Aveiron.

Bdover, a town in the N. E. part of Croatia,
near the frontiers of Sclavonia.

Belooehistan, a country of Asia, lying between
Persia and the Indus, the boundaries of which are
very imperfectly defined; the inhabitants consist-
ing wholly of pastoral tribes, extend their territo-
ry wherever pasture and fertility invite, and the
power of their arms prove sufficient to defend
them against interruption ; in fact, instead of Be-
loochistan being designated a country, it would be
more proper to consider it as the eastern part of
Persia, inhabited by numerous predatory and law-
less tribes, possessing peculiar Mahometan tenets,
from which the name of Belooches has been deriv-
ed, and which will be more fully described under
the head of

Belluza, a town of Hindoostan, in Mysore, with
a citadel, both of them strongly fortified with a
mud wall and a ditch. In the vicinity is much


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