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BAR    77    BAS


Bar le Due, or Bar-sur-Ornain, a town of France,
capital of the department of Meuse, with a castle.
Its wine is as delicate as Champagne, and it has
several manufactures. It is seated on the side of a
hill, by the rivulet Ornain,30 m. AV. of Toul, and
138 E. of Paris. Pop. about 10,000.

Bar-sur-Aube, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Aube, famous for its wines ; seated at the
foot of a mountain, 18 m. S. AV. of Joinville. Pop.


Bar-sur-Seine, a town of France in the depart-
ment of Aube, on the river Seine, at the foot of a
mountain, 20 m. S. AV. of Bar-sur-Aube. Pop.


Bars, an interior county in the north part of
Lower Hungary ; a town of the same name, for-
merly fortified, was once the capital. Kremoni
in the centre of a mining district is now the chief

Barsac, a town of France, on the west bank of
the Garonne, about 20 m. S. E. of Bordeaux. It
gives name to a favourite wine.

Bart, p.t. Lancaster Co. Pa.

Bartfeldt, a town in the County of Saros, north
part of Upper Hungary, situate among the Carpa-
thian mountains. It had a printing press in the
16th century. It has manufactures of linen, and
contains about 4,000 inhabitants.

Barten. and Bartensteia, two interior towns of
the kingdxm of Prussia Proper, 30 to 40 m. E. of

Bar i\olo ante, a river which rises in Arkansas
territory, and falls into the Washita, in the state
of Louisiana, a little below the town of Wash-

Bartholomew, a small island in the Pacific Ocean,
one of the New Hebrides. Long. 167.18. E. lat.
15. 42. S.

Bartholomew, St. one of the Carribee islands, in
the West Indies, 24 miles in circumference, and
25 north of St. Christopher. The French ceded it
to the Swedes in 1785; and it was taken by the
British in 1801, but restored to Sweden in 1814.
The chief expoits are drugs and lignumvitae;
and it has a good harbour. Long. 63. 40. W. lat.

17. 46. N.

Bartholomew, St. a parish of S. Carolina, in
Charleston District.

Bartlet, p.t. Coos Co. N. H. at the foot of the
White Mountains, 85 m. fr. Portsmouth. Pop.

Barton, a town in Lincolnshire, Eng. It has
two large churches, and was formerly a consider-
able place, surrounded by a rampart and fosse, the
remains of which are yet visible. Four miles E.
S. E. are the noble ruins of Thornton abbey. Bar-
ton is seated on the Humber, over which is a fer-
ry into Yorkshire, 34 m. N. of Lincoln, and 167 of
London. Pop in 1821, 2,496.

Barton is also the name of a populous town-
ship in the parish of Eccles, situate on the banks
of- the Irwell, 7 m. E. of Manchester. Pop. in
1820,1,977. There are also 30 other towns or vil-
lages caBed Barton in different parts of England.

Barton, p.t. Orleans Co. Vt. 50 m. N. E. Mont-
peliei. Pop. 72C|. A river of this name runs
through the town N. into Lake Memphramagog,
and in 1810 was the scene of a remarkable inun-
dation occasioned by the bursting of a lake from
its banks. See

Baruth, a town of Lusatia, on the frontiers of
Brandenburgh, 25 m. S. bv. E. of Potsdam.

Baruth, a town of Syria, with a Christian
church, 30 m. N. E. of Seyda.

Baras, a town and parish on the N. AV. coast of
the isle of Lewis. Pop. in 1821, 2,568. The
town is situate on the shore of a fine bay.

Bos, a small island off the N. coast of the de-
partment of Finisterre, France, in N. lat. 48.46.
W. long. 4. 2.

Basartsehick, a town of European Turkey, in Ro-
mania. It has a great trade, and is seated on the
river Meritz. Long. 24. 40. E. lat. 42. 19. N.

Basel, Basle, or Bale, a canton of Switzerland,
24 miles long and 21 broad ; bounded on the north
by Brisgau, east by the Forest towns, south by
the canton of Soleure, and west by the bishopric
of Bassel and France. It contains about 38,000
inhabitants, and is of the reformed religion.

Basel a bishopric in tne N. W. part of Switzei
land; bounded on the east by the canton of Basel,
south by that of Soleure, and west and north by
France. The bishop was a prince of the German
empire. In 1798 the French seized on this terri-
tory, annexed it to France, and made it a new de-
partment called Mont Terrible.

Basel, the capital of the canton of the same name,
and the largest town in Switzerland, is situate at
the north extremity of the canton, and on the
frontiers of France on the west, and the duchv
of Baden on the east. It is surrounded by thick
walls, flanked by towers and bastions ; and is di-
vided into two parts by the Rhine, which com-
municate by a handsome bridge. The largest
part is on this side of Switzerland, and the least
on that of Germany. The larger has five gates,
six suburbs, numerous streets and fountains,
and is partly seated on a hill; the other stands
on a plain, and has but two gates, with several
streets and fountains. The principal church is
an elegant gothic building but disfigured by rose-
coloured paint spread over the whole edifice.
Under a marble tomb in it is interred the great
Erasmus, who died in 1536. The town-house,

' and fine paintings in fresco are much admired.
The University founded in 1459, has a fine libra-
ry and a rich cabinet of medals. The clocks here
are always an hour too fast, because the town-clock
went so on a day appointed to murder the magis-
trates, by which the conspiracy was disconcerted.
Basel has several manufactures, particularly of
paper, ribands, and cottons; and it carries on pin
extensive trade. Three treaties of peace were
concluded here in one year, 1795, with the French
republic ; namely, by Prussia, Spain, and Hesse
Cassel. The allies passed through this city, when
they invaded France, in December, 1813. Basel
is capable of containing 100,000 inhabitants; but
the number is scarcely more than 14,000. It is
174 m. N. by E. of Geneva, and 250 E. hy S. of
Paris. Long. 7. 30. E. lat. 47. 35. N.

Bashee, an island in the China Sea, the most
eastern of a cluster called from this, the Bashee
islands, lying to the South of Formosa. The pro-
ductions are plantains, bananas, pine-apples, su
gar-canes, potatoes, yams and cotton. The quad
rupeds are goats and hogs. Bashee is of a cir-
cular form, six miles in diameter, and has a town
of the same name. Long. 121. 50. E. lat. 20
30. N.

Basilicata, a maritime province, in the south of
Naples, bounded on the north by Capitanata and
Bari, east by the gulf of Taranta, south by Cala-
bria Citeriore and west by PrincipataCiteriore and
Ulteriore. It has some mountains continually
covered with snow, but is fertile in corn, wine,
oil, cotton, honey and saffron Arcerenza is the


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