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the river Rodmg, near the Thames, 7 m. E. of

Barletta, a seaport of Naples, in Bari. It has a
large stone pier, and a trade in corn, almonds, and
salt. It is seated on the shore of the Adriatic, 25
m. W. S. W. of Bari. Long. 16. 32. E. lat. 41.

19. N.

Barmouth, a small seaport of Wales, in the par-
ish of Corwen, Merionethshire. It has a good
trade in flannels and hose, and is much frequented
in the bathing season. It stands on a bay of the
same name, 12 m. S. of Harlech, and 222 N. W.
of London. Long. 3. 58. W. lat. 52. 44. N. Pop
of the parish 1,742.

Barnaoul, a considerable town in the province
of Colyvan, Asiatic Russia, situate at the mouth
of a river of the same name, falling into the Obi
about 200 m. S. of the city of Colyvan. It is
the seat of the supreme court of all the mines in
the Altaian mountains. Pop. about 5,000.

Barnard, p.t. Windsor Co. Vt. 60 m. N. E.
Bennington. Pop. 1,881.

Barnegat, an inlet on the coast of New Jersey,
70 m. N. E. Cape May.

BarnesviUe, p.v. Montgomery Co. Maryland,
12 m. S. Fredericktown.

BarnesviUe, p.t. Belmont Co. Ohio.    *

Barnet, p.t. Caledonia Co. Vt. on the Connec-
ticut. Pop. 1,764.

Barnet, a town in Hertfordshire, Eng. Near this
place was fought, in 1471, the decisive battle
he tween the houses of York and Lancaster; and
at the meeting of the St. Alban and Hatfield roads
is a column, with an inscription to commemorate
this event. Barnet is 11 m. N. by W. of London,
and being the first port town out of London on
the Great North road, is a place of great inter-
course and bustle.

Burnevdt’s Islands, two small islands a little
north of cape Horn, and to the south of Terra del
Fuego. Long. 66.58. W. lat. 55. 49. S.

Barnevddt, or Barnwdd, an interior town of
Guelderland, Holland, situate about an equal dis-
tance from Arnheim and Ammersfort. Pop. about


Barnsley, a town of West Yorkshire, Eng. Here
are considerable manufactures of coarse linen, and
in the vicinity are many bleaching grounds, a
glass manufacture, and several coal mines. It has
a canal to the Calder, and another to the Don, and
is seated near the Derne, 19 m. S. of Leeds, and
172 N. by W. of London. Pop. in 1821, 8,284.

Barnstable, a County of Massachusetts compris-
ing the peninsula of Cape Cod. Pop. 28,525. The
chief town has the same name. Vast quantities
of salt are made in this county by solar evapora-

Barnstable, p.t. the capital of the above Co. stands
on a harbour at the bottom of Cape Cod Bay. The
town is built with considerable neatness and has
some commerce and fishing business. There are
extensive salt marshes in the neighbourhood, but
'.he soil here is better than in almost any other
part of the Co. It is 64 m. S. E. of Boston. Pop.

Barnstaple, a seaport and borough in Devon-
shire, Eng. It had formerly a castle, but none of
the works remain except the mount. Here are
manufactures of tammies, shalloons, baize, &c.
and a variety of articles are exported. It is seat-
ed on the river Taw, 12 m. E. of Barnstaple bay,
in Bristol channel, 35 N. N. W. of Exeter, and 192
W. by S. of London. Long.
4.5. W. lat. 51.8. N.
Pop. in 1821, 5,079.












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Bamstead p t. Stafford Co. N. H. 36 m. from
Portsmouth. Pop 2,047.

Barnwell, a district in the south part of South
Carolina, bounded on the south by the Savannah,
and north by the Edisto River. Pop. 19,236, who
are chiefly occupied in the culture and cleaning
of cotton. The chief town of the same name is
situated in the centre of the district, 116 m. S. by
W. of Columbia.

Baroach, a town and fortress ofHindoostan, Gu-
zerat, with considerable manufactures of cotton;
seated on the N. bank of the Nerbudda, near its
entrance into the gulf of Cambay, 40 m. N. by E.
of Surat. Long. 72. 55. E. lat. 21. 45. N.

Barquisimeto, an ancient inland town of tfr
province of Venezuela, Colombia. It is situate in
a fertile plain, about 20 m. from the E. shore or
the bay of Maracaybo, and 120 W. by S. of the
city of Caracas.

Barra, or Barray, one of the Hebrides of Scot-
land, to the south of South Uist. It is 12 m. long
and 4 broad, and has a mountainous appearance,
but the soil in many parts is fertile. Great quan-
tities of cod and ling are caught on the coast; and
shell-fish, especially cockles, are found in great
abundance. On the N. E. side is a good harbour.
Long. 7. 27. W. lat. 57. 2. N.

Barra, a town of Naples, in the vicinity of the
city of Naples. Pop. about 5,000.

Barra, a fertile and populous district, north of
the Gambia, in North Africa, bordering on the At-
lantic Ocean.

Barra Inding or Barranding, situate on the
west bank of a small river which falls into the
Gambia, near its conflux with the Atlantic Ocean,
it is the capital town of the territory of Barra, and
is a place of considerable traffic. There is anoth-
er town of the same name, about 100 miles up the
river, on the north bank, between the rivers Ko-
lar and Badiboo.

Barraconda a considerable town in the interior
of North Africa, about 400 miles up the Gambia,
where there are some falls which impede the nav-
igation of that river.

Barr agon, a small town about 12 m. below Bu-
enos Ayres, situate on the shore of a bay to which
it gives name.

Barraux, a fortress of France, in the Alpine de-
partment of Isere, at the entrance of the valley of
Gresivauden, and on the river Isere, 6 m. S. of

Barre, p.t. Washington Co. Vt. Pop. 2,012.

Barre, p.t. Worcester Co. Mass. 60 m. W. Bos-
ton. Pop. 2,503.

Barre t. Huntingdon Co. Pa.

Barren, a County in the south central part of
Kentucky. Pop. 14,821. Glasgow, the chief
town, is 134 m. S. W. by S. of Frankfort. Two
rivers, one called the Little, and the other the Big
Barren, have their source within the county, run-
ning in different directions, but both falling into
the Green River.

Barrington, p.t. Strafford Co. N. H. 65 m. fr
Boston : 20 fr. Portsmouth. Pop. 1,895.

Barrington, p.t. Bristol Co. R. I. 8 m. S. E.
Providence. Pop. 612.

Barrow, a river of Ireland, which rises in the
N. part of Queen’s County, and flows S. by Athy,
Carlow, and New Ross, into Waterford harbour.

Barrow, a village in Leicestershire, Eng. on the
river Soar, two miles N. of Mountsorrel. It has
for centuries been famed for a very fine, lime, in
particular request for works in water, and whieb
is exported in large quantities. Pop. 1,568.


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