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personal indulgence and wantonness of power,
prevails alike in all the states, and restrains all
rational and social advancement.

Barberino, a town of Tuscany, at the foot of the
Apennines, on the river Sieva, 12 m. N. of Flor-

Barbezieux, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Charente, with a mineral spring, and a
manufacture of linen cloth. It is 45 m. N. E. of
Bordeaux. Pop. 2,750.

Barboursville, p.v. Orange Co. Va. 78 m. N. W.

Barboursville, ph. Knox Co. Ken. on Cumber-
land River, 125 m. S. E. Frankfort.

Barbuda, one of the Leeward islands, in the
, West Indies, 20 m. long and 10 broad. It has
- good road for shipping, but the inhabitants (about
1,500) are chiefly employed in raising corn, and
breeding cattle, for the use of the neighbouring
islands. It is 35 m. N. of Antigua. Long. 61.
50. W. lat. 17. 50. N.

Barby, a town in the Prussian principality of
Anhalt, circle of Upper Saxony, capital of a coun-
ty of its name, with an ancient castle, and an
academical college, founded by the United Breth-
ren, in 1754. It is seated on the Elbe, 15 m. S. E.
of Magdeburg. Long. 12. 4. E. lat. 52. 2. N.

Barca, one of the six Barbary states, the an-
cient Cyrenaica, on the south coast of the Medi-
terranean, between Tripoli and Egvpt. The
south part is a harren desert, inhabited by wan-
dering Arabs. The north part along the coast
is fertile and well peopled. It belongs to the
Turks, and is governed by
a sangiac, dependent
on the bashaw, who resides at Tripoli. Deme is
the capital.

Barcelona, a city of Spain, capital of Catalonia,

and a bishop’s see, with a good harbour, on the
Mediterranean. It is of an oblong form, defend-
9    ed by a strong fort, called Montjuich, which stands

on a rocky mountain, a mile west of the town.
It has double walls on the north and east, and
the sea on the south, with a mole for the security
of ships. It is divided into the new and old town,
by a wall and a ditch ; and the sea having retired
* considerably from the portgates, a whole quarter
of the town now stands on the sands that were
once the bottom of the harbour. It has a fine
university, an inquisition, a cathedral with two
lofty towers, a palace for the viceroy, a large ex-
change, an extensive cannon foundry, an arsenal
containing arms for several thousand men, and
docks for the building of galleys. It has various
manufactures, but is more particularly distin-
guished for those of fire arms of all kinds, swords,
cutlery, and soap, and there are several very ex-
tensive distilleries of brandy ; its commerce is gen-
eral. In 1705 it was taken by the earl of Peterbo-
rough. after a siege of three weeks. In 1706,
Pliilip V. invested it with a numerous army, but
was obliged to raise the siege. In 1714, it was
taken by the French and Spaniards, and a citadel
built to keep it in awe. The French took this
*    citv by treachery in 1808. In 1823 it held out to

■    the last in favour of the constitutionalists, and did

not vic'd until all hope or expectation of success-
ful resistance was obviously useless. It is 250
m. E. by N. of Madrid. Long. 2. 12. E. lat. 41.
23. N. Pop. of the city and the new town or
suburb of Barceloneta 120,000.

Barcelona, is also the name of a populous sea-
port town situated at the mouth of the little river
Neveri, in the new province of Oronoko, Colom-
bia, about 50 m. W. of Cumana. It is a mean

dirty place; the inhab. about 14,000, under the
proscribed system of Old Spain, were the cnief
medium of the smuggling carried on between
Trinidad and the interior parts of the country.

Bareelonette, a town of France, situate among
the Alpine mountains, in the department of the
•Lower Alps, about 10 m. S. of Embrun.

Barcelore, or Barcura, a town of Hindoostan, on
the coast of Canara, which gives name to a dis-
trict, but has been long in ruins. It is 40 m. N
N. W. of Mangalore.

Bareelos, a very ancient town of Portugal, in En-
tre Douro e Minho, near the river Cavado, 10
m. W. S. W. of Braga, supposed to have been
founded by Hamilcar Barca, 250 B. C.

Bard, and Bardin, two towns in the province of
Kerman, Persia. Bardin is on the route from
Ormus to Lake Gazel, and Bard about 10 m. E.
of Bardin.

Bardewiclc, a town of Lower Saxony, in the
dutchy of Lunenburg, on the river Ilmenau, 17
m. S. E. of Hamburg.

Bardi, a town of Italy, in the Parmesan, with
a magnificent castle. 30 m. S. W. of Parma.

Bardt, or Barth, a town of Swedish Pomerania
with a castle and harbour, near the Batlic, 15 m.
W. by N. of Stralsund. Long. 12. 50. E. lat. 54.
25. N.

Bareges, a town of France, in the department
of Upper Pyrenees, much frequented on account
of its jnineral baths. It is seated in a valley of the
same name, 24 m. S. of Tarbes.

Barenton, a town of France, in the department
of Manche, 20 m. E. S. E. of Avranches.

Barjleur, a town of France, in the department
of Manche. It was from this port that William
the Norman embarked on bis expedition to Eng-
land in the 11th century. Barfleur was destroyed
by the English in 1346, and the harbour filled up.
The cape of that name is 12 m. E. of Cherburg
and near it part of the navy of France was destroy-
ed by the English in 1692. It is 174 m. N.W. of
Paris. Long. 1. 10. W. lat. 49. 40. N.

Beirga, a considerable town of Italy, about 10-
m. N. of Lucca. Pop. about 9,000.

Bargaintown, p.v. Gloucester Co. N. J. 50 m. S
E. Philad.

Barge, or Barges, a town of Piedmont, 7 m. S.
of Pinerola.

Barguzinsk, or Barghouzin, a town of Siberia,
in the government of Irkutsk, on the east side of
the Lake Baikal, at the influx of the Barguzin, 170
m. N. N. E. of Selenginsk. Long. 109. 30. E. lat
53. 20. N.

Bari, or Terra di Bari, a maritime province of
Naples, on the shore of the Adriatic, bounded on
the south-east by Otranto, south-west by Basilica-
ta, and north-west by Capitanata. The soil is far
tile, but there are many serpents and tarantulas.

Bari, a seaport of Naples, capital of Terra di Bari,
and an archbishop’s see. It is seated on the shore
of the Adriatic, has a good harbour, and is well
fortified. The trade principally consists in olives
and almonds. It is 26 m. E. by S. of Trani. Long.
E. 17. 0. lat. 41. 15. N.

Barjols, a town of France, in the department of
Var, 19 m. S. S. W. of Riez.

Barkhwmstead, ph. Litchfield- Co. Conn. Pop


Barking, a town in Essex, Eng. It was cele-
brated for a magnificent nunnery, of which a gate-
way and part of the walls are still visible. It is
chiefly inhabited by fishermen, and seated on















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