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the English, in 1796, and restored in 1802. Re-
taken in 1810, and restored again at the peace in
1814. Lat. 4. 40. S. long. 129. E.

Banda Oriental, or Eastern Shore, a district of
the United Provinces of Buenos Ayres, lying in
the eastern part, between the river Uruguay and
the sea. It is bounded N. by Brazil and S. by
the bay of the Rio de la Plata, and contains about

70,000 sq. m. It is a fertile and well watered dis-
trict and has been the subject of contention and
warfare between the Buenos Ayrean and Brazil-
ian governments. Monte Video is the chief town.

Bandon, or Bandon-bridge, a borough of Ireland,
in the county of Cork. It is commonly a milita-
ry station, and has manufactures of cotton, cam-
lets, ticking, &c. It is situate on a river of the
•same name, 13 m. S; W. of Cork. It extends
into three parishes, the part in the parish of Desart,
contained in 1820,10,179 inhabitants, and the re-
mainder about 4,000 more.

Bandora, a town of Hindoostan, on the south
side of the island of Salsette which is separated
from that of Bombay, by a narrow channel. It is
6 m. N. of Bombay.

Banff, a County of Scotland, bounded on the N.
by the ocean, S. E. by Aberdeenshire, and W. by
Murrayshire. Its greatest length is 50 miles, and
4s extent along the coast 22, but the main breadth
is not more than 16. The south part is very moun-
tainous, but the northern district is level and fer-
tile. The principal rivers are the Deveron and
Spey, which form a part of its east and west boun-
lanes, and yield abundance of fine salmon. The
Aven rises from a small lake at the south extrem-
ity of the county, falling into the Spey, where that
river divides the county from Murrayshire. The
principal towns are Gamry, Cullen, Fochabers,
Keith, Aberlour, and Kirkmichael.

Banff, the chief town of the preceding county,
is situate at its N. W. extremity, on the east bank
of the Deveron, over which is a handsome bridge
of seven arches. It has some manufactures of lin-
en and cotton, but it is more a place of fashiona-
ble resort than either a manufacturing or commer-
cial town. The town-hajl was built in 1798, and
is a handsome edifice. It is a royal burgh, gov-
erned tw a provost, four bailies, aud 12 ccrancillors.
45 m. N. of Aberdeen, and 167 of Edinburgh. Pop.
in 1820,3,855.

Bangalore, a city of Hindoostan, in Mysore.
It had a strong fort, built by Hyder, deemed the
bulwark of My sore, toward Arcot: it was taken by
the English in 1791, and restored the next year
to Tippoo, who destroyed it: but since reverted to
the English. The palace is composed of mud,
yet not without some degree of magnificence, and
there are two extensive gardens made by the two
sultans. The chief manufactures are silk and cot-
ton cloths, muslins, leather, and oil. It is 74 m.
N. E. of Seringapatam. Long. 77. 37. E. lat. 13.

0. N.

Bangor, a city of Wales, in Caernarvonshire.
It is situate on the east shore of the Menai Strait
on the high road from London to Holyhead. It
was once so considerable, that it was called Ban-
gor the great, and defended by a castle. The
principal buildings are the cathedral and the bish-
op’s palace. The see is of very great antiquity.
The church was dedicated to St. Daniel, who
was bishop about the year 516. It is 36 m. W.
of St. Asaph, and 251 N. W. of London. Pop. in

Bangor, a borough and populous parish of Ire-
land. in the county of Down, seated on the south

shore of the bay of Carrickfergus, opposite tne
town of that name. Pop. in 1821, of the town,
2,943; of the corporation, 327; and of the parish,
6,272, making a total of 9,542 ; 90 m. N. by E. of
Dublin, and about 10 E. of Belfast.

Bangor, p.t. Penobscot Co. Me. on the Penoh
scot, 35 m. above Castine. It has a considerable
commerce in lumber, and a Theological Seminary.
Pop. 2,868.

Bangor, p.t. Franklin Co. N. Y- 204 m. N. W.
Albany. Pop. 1,076.

Banistar, p.v. Halifax Co. Va. 140 m. S. W

Banjaluka. See Bagnaluka.

Banjer, or Bender, a considerable river in the
island of Borneo, which flows almost due south
from the centre of the country to the harhour ol
Banjermassing, and at its mouth the Dutch have
their principal factory.

Banjermassing, or Bendermassing, a kingdom
in the south part of the island of Borneo, the
capital of which is Metapura. The country pro-
duces great quantities of pepper ; also gold, iron,
diamonds, canes, birds-nests, wax, and dragons-
blood. It has a town of the same name, with a
good harbour, at the mouth of the river Banjer.
Long. 114. 30. E. lat. 3.15. S.

Banks Island, an island in the Pacific Ocean,
on the east side of New Zealand, about 100 m. in
circumference. Long. 184. 0. E. lat. 43. 30. S.

Banks Island, an island in the Pacific Ocean,
near the west coast of North America, about 60
m. long and 5 broad. Long. 130. 0. W. lat. 53.
30. N.

Bonn, a river of Ireland, which issues from the
Mourne mountains, in the county of Down, flows
N. W. into Armagh, through Lough Neagh, and
thence forms the boundary between Londonderry
and Antrim, entering the sea four miles below

Banruilec, a town in the S. E. part of the depart-
ment of Finisterre, France, 15 m. E. ot Quim-

Banribridge, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Down, on the river Bann, 14 m. N. by E. of
Newry, on the road to Belfast. Pop. in 1821,


Bannockburn, a village of Scotland in the parish
of St. Ninians, on the river Bannock, two miles
south of Stirling. It is noted for a battle between
Edward II. and Robert Bruce, in 1314, in which
the former was defeated: Here also James the III.
in 1487, was defeated by his subjects, wounded, and
soon after murdered by a priest taking his confes-

Bannow, a town of Ireland, in the county of Wex-
ford, seated on the east shore of a bay to which it

fives name, 20 m. S. W. of Wexford. Long. 6

0. W. lat. 52. 12. N. Pop. in 1821, 1,298.

Bantam, a town on the N. W. coast of Java, cap
ital of a kingdom of the same name, with two forts
It is divided into two parts by a river. The En
glish and Danes had factories here till 1682, when
they were expelled by the Dutch. The chief pro-
duce of the country is pepper, of which vast quan
tities were formerly exported by the Dutch, who
deposed the kings of the ancient race, and monop-
olized the entire traffic of the country. Bantam,
once populous and flourishing, is now a poor place,
its harbour being so choked up that it is inacces-
sible to vessels of burden; its commerce is trans-
feredto Batavia. Long. 105.26. E. lat. 6. 20. S.

Bantry, a capacious bay, at the S. W. extremi
ty of Ireland, on the coast of Cork, capable

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