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BAL    71    BAL

s in Ireland beginning with Ballin, but none
nerit any particular notice; several of them

Ballstun, p.t. Saratoga Co. N. V. 35 m. N Al-
bany. Pop. 2,113. This town is famous for its
mineral springs. See

Bally, in Irish signifies town; there are up-
wards of 150 parishes, towns, and villages in Ire-
land beginning with Bally, such as
Bally boy, Bal-
lycastle, SfC. 8fC.

Balmerino, a town of Scotland, in Fifeshire,
which has a trade in corn and salmon. The ruins
of its once magnificent abbey, founded in 1229,
arc much admired. It is seated on the frith of
Tay, opposite Dundee, 10 m. N. W. of St. An-

Baltic, an inland sea, in the N. AV. of Europe,
between the coasts of Sweden, Russia, Courland,
Prussia, Germany, and Denmark, extending from
the 54th to the 60th deg. of N. lat. the Gulf of
Bothnia running up to the lat. of 66. and lying
between the 16th and 22nd deg. of W. long, the
Gulf of Livonia extending 2 deg. further west,
and that of Finland as far as 30. Its surface is
estimated at 120,000 sq. miles, it contains a great
number of islands, the principal of which are
Aland, Dago,Oesel, Gothland, Oeland, Bornholm,
Rugen, and Laland; and the islands of Zealand
and Fonen separate it from the Cattegat, by which
it communicates with the ocean. There are three
navigable channels into the Baltic from the sea
called the Cattegnt, whiea communicates with the
German Ocean : 1st. which is the most northerly
and most frequented, is called the Sound, between
the coast of Sweden N and the coast of the Isle
of Zealand S. This passage is about four miles
across, and is navigated by 8,000 to 9.000 sail of
vessels annually, which pay a trifling tax to the
Danish government, for the maintenance of the
light-houses on the coasts of the several channels.
The middle channel between the south side of the
Isle of Zealand, and the Isles of Funen and Laland
is called the Great Blit; and the most'southerly,
between the isle of Funen and Laland, and the
coast of Jutland, the Little Belt; but the naviga-
tion of both is circuitous and intricate compared
with the Sound, and they are only passed under
very particular circumstances. There is little or
no tide within the Baltic, and the channels and
harbours are generally frozen up three or four
months in the winter. Amber is found on the
coast of Prussia.

Baltimore, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Cork, on a headland which runs into the sea, and
forms a good harbour, 5 m. N. E. of Cape Clear.
It has the ruins of an abbey, and is 50 m. S. W.
of Cork. Long. 9. 14. W. lat. 51. 18. N.

Baltimore, a County of Maryland, on Chesa-
peak Bay. Pop. 120,876. The city of Baltimore
is the seat of justice.

Bidtimore. the chief city in Maryland, near the
mouth of the river Patapsco on the western side
of Chesapeak Bay, is a place of great commerce
and wealth. It was founded in 1729, but grew
so slowly that in 1752 it consisted of only 25
houses. Since the revolution it has increased
with astonishing rapidity and at present is one of
the first American cities. It stands at the head of
tide-water, 14 miles from the bay, and contains
45 churches, 5 markets, 2 theatres, 10 banks, an
exchange, a public library, St. Mary’s College
and the University of Maryland, a lunatic asylum,
an observatory, 2 museums, and several elegant
public fountains. The Cathedral is an Ionic
structure 190 feet in length and 127 feet high to
the cross at the summit of the dome. It contains
the largest organ in the United States, having

.     _

6,000 pipes and 36 stops. Here are also two
splendid camtings. The Merchants’ Exchange
was built by private subscription, and is 255 feet
in length, with a hall 86 feet by 53, lighted from
the dome of the building; in this hall the mer-
chants meet daily to transact business.

There are two splendid monuments at Balti-
more. The Battle Monument is built of marble,
55 feet in height, and commemorates the defeat of
the British in theif attack upon the city in 1814.
The Washington Monument is also of white mar-
ble, 50 feet square at the base and sustaining a
colossal statue of Washington at the height of
163 feet from the ground. The City Hotel is one
of the first public houses in the country. Most of
the streets of the city are broad and at right ar.
gles. Fell’s Point, the lower part of the city, is
the quarter where most of the stores and shipping
are collected. Baltimore is the greatest flour
market in the United States. In the immediate
neighbourhood are above 60 flour mills, a single
one of which has produced 32,000 barrels in a
year. In the same compass are also 12 cotton
manufactories, and others of cloth, powder, paper,
iron, glass, steam engines, chemical works, &c.
Baltimore has 80,625 inhabitants and is the third
commercial city in the United States. It is in
lat. 39. 17. N. and long. 76. 36. AV. 37 m.
N. E. Washington, and 100m. S. AV. Philadel-

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad extends from
this citv to the Ohio river at Pittsburg, 300 miles.
It was begun in lc29 and a great portion of it
is already completed. There are several viaducts
and embankments in its course near Baltimore,
substantially built of granite, and a deep cut three
quarters of a mile long and 70 feet deep. Many
cars are already in operation upon the rail road

Some of them are drawn by horse power, some
driven by steam and some by wind. The cars
with sails go sometimes 25 miles an hour and can
lie within 4 points of the wind. The whole dis-
tance from Baltimore to Pittsburg, when complet-
ed, will be travelled according to estimation, by
horse power in 30 hours, and by steam in 20.
Another railroad has heen commenced to extend
from Baltimore to York Haven on the Susque
hanna, 60 miles.

Baltimore, New, p.t. Greene Co. N. Y. 20 m.
S. Albany, on the Hudson. Pop. 2,370.

Baltimore, t. Sussex Co. Del. comprising the
Hundreds of Daysborough, Indian River, Lewes
Rehoboth and Broad Kiln.

Baltmglass, a town and parish of Ireland in
the county of Wicklow. It has some manufac-
tures of linen and woolen, and is seated on the


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