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BAL    70    BAL

olemere, which is three miles long, and one broad,
and abounds with a fish called guinard, resem-
bling a salmon in shape, and tasting like a trout.
The river Dee issues from this lake. It has the
remains of three Roman camps, which seem to
have been used as exploratory stations, before the
Ordovices were totally subdued. The inhabitants
carry on a considerable trade in knit woolen stock-
ings. It is 40 m. S. E. of Caernarvon, and 195
N. W. of London. Pop. 1,163.

Balaeheo, a town of European Russia, situate
on a branch of the Don, 90 m. W. of Saratov.

Bolachna, a town Russia, seated near the Volga,
40 m. W. N. AV. of Niznei Novogorod.

Balaguer, a fortified town of Spain, in Catalon-
ia, on the river Segra, at the foot of a craggy rock,
75 m. W. N. W. of Barcelona. Long. 0. 40. E.
lat. 41. 43. N.

Balaaanskoi, a town in the province of Irkoutsk,
Siberia” about 30 m. N. of the city of Irkoutsk.

Balakawa, a seaport at' the south-west end of
the Crimea.    

Balambangan, a snlall but very fruitful island,
off the north end of Borneo, in lat. 7. 16. N. and
116. 58. AV. long.

Balambuan. See Palambuan.

Balapura, Chiea, a town of Hindoostan, in My-
sore, noted for the manufacture of sugar-candy and
clayed sugar, 15 m. N. E. of Doda Balapura.

Balapura, Doda, a town of Hindoostan, in My-
sore, surrounded by a mud-wall and hedge, and
has a strong mud fort with a palace. Here are
manufactures of cloth and sugar. It is 22 m. N.
by W. of Bangalore, and 57 S. E. of Sera.

Balarue, a town of France, in the department
of Herault, famous for its baths. It is 12 m. from

Balasore, a seaport of Hindoostan, in Orissa, and
a place of considerable trade; situate on the Gon-
gahar, 20 m. from its mouth in the bay of Bengal,
and 124 S. W. of Calcutta. Long. 86. 46. E. lat

21. 26. N.

Balaton, a lake in the south part of Lower Hun-
gary, 40 m. in length, and 1 to 4 broad. The N.
end" is about 5 m. from Stuhl-Weisenburgh, and 36
more from the Danube, with which it is proposed
to unite the lake by a canal.

Balbastro, an episcopal town of Spain, in Arra-
gon, on the river Vero, near its conflux with the
Cinca, 45 m. E. N. E. of Saragossa. Pop. about


Balbec, the ancient Heliopolis, a town of Syria,
at the foot of Mount Libanus, near the north-east
extremity of the fertile valley of Bocat. On the
east side are magnificent ruins, particularly those
of the temple dedicated to the Sun. The town
was nearly destroyed by an earthquake, in 1759,
and is now a poor place, 37 m. N. N. W. of Da-

Baldeagle, ts. Lycoming Co. Pa. and Centre Co.

Boldivia. See Valdivia.

Boldock, a town in Hertfordshire, Eng. seated
among hills, 9 m. W. S. W. of Royston, and 37
N. N. AV. of London. It was originally built by
the knights templars in the 12th century, on the
site of the Roman way, called the Ikeneild street.
Pop. in 1321,1.550.

Baldwin, t. Cumberland Co. Me. Pop. 947.

Baldwin, a County in the centre of Georgia.
Pop. 7,389. Milledgeville is the chief town.

Baldicin, a County in the S. part of Alabama,
Pop. 2,324. Blakely is the chief town.

Balearic Isles, five islands in the Mediterranean,
forming part of the province of Arragon; they are
named, Majorca,Minorca, Ivica, Formentera, and
Cabrera, which see.

Balfrush, a town of Persia, in Mazanderan, on
the south shore of the Caspian Sea, 12 m. W. oi

Balga, a town of Prussia, on the Frisch Haff,
24 m. S. AV. of Konigsberg.

Bali, or Bally, an island, 75 miles long and 45
broad, at the east end of the isle of Java, from
which it is separated by a channel called the Strait
of Bali. It is populous, abounds in rice and fruits,
and furnishes slaves, cotton-yarn, and pickled
pork. Long. 11. 50. E. lat. 8. 30. S.

Balize, a river which divides the provinces of
Yucatan and Guatemala, falling into the bay of
Honduras in lat. 14.50. N. 91.15. W. long. There
is a town of the same name near the mouth of the
river, which forms the principal settlement of the
English for supplying mahogany and logwood, to
the extent of 20,000 tons annually.

There is also a fort called Balize in the Swamp,
at the mouth of the Mississippi River, in lat. 29.

6. N. 89. 20. AV. long.

Balk, a southern province of Independent Tar-
tary, bordering on Persia, now subject to Cauhul.
The principal city of the same name is situate on
the Dewash, a branch of the Oxus or Amu River,
and is a place of great antiquity, once the capital
of Persia, and the residence of Cyrus. It is still
a place of considerable importance and intercourse
between the inhabitants of the countries border-
ing on the eastern shores-of the Caspian Sea, and
the sea of Aral and Bukharia on one side, and of
Hindoostan on the other. The khan’s castle is a
magnificent structure, built of marble, dug out of
the neighbouring mountains. It is about 220 m.
S. E. of Bokhara, and 260 N. AV. of Attock Bena-
res on the Indus, in 36. 28. N. lat. and 65. 20. W.
long. Pop. about 7,000.

Ballagh, a parish in the county of Mayo, Ire-
land. Pop. in 1821, 3,380jin which is included
the town of Minola with inhabitants and the
village of Ballagh with 329.

Ballantrae, a town of Scotland, in Ayrshire
near the mouth of the Stinchar, 24 m. S. S. W. of

BalUeborough, a parish and town in the county
of Cavan, Ireland. In 1821, pop. of the parish
6,283, and of the town 804.

Ballibophay, a town in the county of Donegal
Ireland. Pop. in 1821, 290.

Baltina, a town in the county of Mayo, Ireland
7 m. S. of Killala, and 120 VV. by N. of Dublin.
Pop. in 1821, 4,422. It was occupied by the
French in 1798.

Ballinasloe, a town chiefly in the parish of Kil-
cloony, county of Galway, but extends into the
parish of Creagh, in the county of Roscommon,
Ireland. It is distinguished for its great annual
sheep fair, the first week in Oct. when about 100,-
000 sheep, and 10,000 head of horned cattle are
brought to market. It is 12 m. W. of Athlone.
and 72 W. of Dublin. It is sometimes called
Dunloe. Pop. in 1821, 1,811.

Ballingarry, a parish and town in the county
of Limerick, Ireland. Pop. of the town 1,553, anti
of the parish 5,328 more.

Ballinakin, a town and parish in Queen’s Coun-
ty, Ireland. The town is situate on the border of
Kilkenny, 48 m. S. W. of Dublin. Pop. in 1821
1,951, and the parish which is called also Dysait
Gallen, 2,467.

*#* There are about 300 other parishes and vil


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