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ARE    49    ARG

four other parishes of the same name in different
parts of Ireland: viz. 1st in Meath, pop. 1,074;
2nd in Cork, pop. 2,344 ; 3rd in Limerick, pop.

1,850; and 4th in Mayo, pop. 1,556. There are
40 other parishes in different parts of Ireland be-
ginning with

Ardebil, a town of Persia, in Aderbeitzan, the
residence and burial-place of many kings, partic-
ularly of Sheik Sessi, the founder of the Persian
sect. Pilgrims resort to this place from all parts
of Persia; and caravans are frequently passing to
and from Constantinople And Smyrna. It is 35
m. E. S. E. of Tauris. Long. 47. 10. E. lat. 38.
20. N.

Ardeche, a department of France, including the
Jate territory of Vivarez. It takes its name from
A river, which flows into the Rhone, at the south
extremity of the department. Privas is the capi-
at Pop. about 285,000.

Ardee, a borough of Ireland, in the county of
Louth. Here is a large mount, apparently artifi-
cial : some suppose it to have been a burial place
jf the Irish kings; others, that it was a place
where the people assembled to deliberate' on pub-
lic affairs. It is 14 m. N. W. of Drogheda. Pop.
of the town 3,588, and the parish 1,773 more.

Ardennes, a department of France, containing
part of the late province of Champagne. It is so
named from a famous forest, lying on the river
Mease. The principal town is Sedan. Pop. about

Ardfrrt. a borough of Ireland, in the county of
Kerry, and a bishop’s see united with Aghadoe
to Limerick. It was formerly
the capital of the
county, but is now
a poor place, with extensive
ruins. It is seated on a nver which runs into
Tralee bay, 7 m. N. N. W. of Tralee. Pop.
of the town 629; of the commons 283; and of the
whole parish 2,481.

Ardmore, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Waterford, on a cape and bay of its name, 10 m.
S. S. W. of Dungarvon. Pop. of the town 403,
and of the parish 2,761.

Ardra, a small kingdom of Guinea, on the Slave
coast, at the bottom of the gulf of St. Thomas.
The country is fertile in maize, palm wine, plants
and fruits, which last all the year; and it pro-
duces a great deal of salt. It has a to -in of the
same name. Long. 3. 5. E. lat. 6. 0. N.

Ardres, a town of France, in the department
of Pas de Calais. On an open plain between the
town and Guisnes, was the celebrated interview
between Francis I. of France, and Henry VIII.
of England, in 1520. It is 10 m. S. S. E. of

Areca, an island in the gulf of Persia, 3 m.
S. W. ofOrmus. The Dutch attempted to estab-
lish a factory, and built a fort here, but were ex-
pelled by the Persians.

Artkta. a sea-port of Ahyssinia.

Arensborg, the capital of a county of the same
name, in the duchy of Westphalia. It is seated
a hill, bv the river Roer, 22 m. S. S. E. of
Ham, and 63 N. E. of Cologne. Long. 8. 10. E.
Iat 51. 23. N.

Arensburg, a sea-port of Russia, in the govern-
ment of Riga, capital of the isle of OseT, and a
bishop’s see. Long. 25. 40. E. lat. 58. 15. N.

Arensharde, a district in Denmark, in the duchy
of Sleswick, containing the greatest pa^t of the
famous rampart built by king Gotric, in the be-
ginning of the 9th century, as a defence against
the irruptions of the Saxons. It extends across
the country, about 9 m. in length.

Arequipa, an episcopal town of Peru, founded
by Pizarro, in 1539. Near it is a volcano. It has
been four times laid in ruins by earthquakes. It
stands in a fertile country, a few miles south of a
small lake, which is the source of the Apurimac
branch of the Amazon River; 240 m. S. of Cuzco,
and 460 S. E. of Lima. Long.
72. 30. W. lat. 16
40. S.

Arezzo, a town of Tuscany, in the Fiorentino.
Guy Aretin, a Benedictine monk, inventor of the
musical notes, ut, re, &c. was born here ; also the
celebrated Francis Petrarch, and Meccenas. It
stands on a hill, at the conflux of the Chianno
and Amo, 15 m. west of Citta di Castello.

Argau, or Lower Argow, a canton of Switzer-
land, formerly the north part of the canton of
Berne, lying to the west of that of Zurich. Arau
is the capital.

Argences, a town of France, in the department
of Calvados, on the river Menace, 10 m. E. of

Argentan, a town of France, in the department
of Orne, which has a considerable trade in lace.
It is seated on an eminence, in the middle of a
fertile plain, on the banks of the Orne, 12 m. N.
W. of Seez, and 110 W. of Paris.

Argenteuil, a town of France, on the river
Seine, 5 m. N. W. of Paris. It has a fine vine-
yard, and in the environs are quarries of the plas-
ter of Paris.

Argentiera, a barren island of the Archipelago,
so called from the silver mines in it. There is
but one village,, and it has no water but what is
kept in cisterns. Long. 23. 10. E. lat. 36. 50. N.

Argenton, a town of France, in the department
of Indre, divided into two parts by the river
Creuse. It is 37 m. S. W. of Bourges.

Argolis. one of the divisions of Modern Greece
in the eastern part of the Morea or Peloponnesus,
established since the recent independence of that

Argos, a seaport of Modem Greece, m the pre-
ceding district, 25 m. S. of Corinth. Long. 23.
5. E. lat. 37. 30. N.'

Argostoli, a town of the island of Cefalonia,
with a fortress and the best harbour in the island.
It is 8 m. W. S. W. of Cefalonia.

Argued, a town of France, in the department
of Lower Seine, 18 m. N. E. of Rouen.

Arguin, an island and fort on the coast of Za-
hara, 30 m. S. E. of Cape Blanco. It was taken
by the Dutch from the Portuguese, in 1637; af-
terward the French took it from the Dutch.
Long. 17. 5. W. lat. 20. 30. N.

Argun, a river of Asia. See Saghalien.

Argunskoi, a town of Siberia, on the fron-
tiers of Chinese Tartary. There are mines of
silver and lead near it, and a pearl fishery in the
river Argun, on the west bank of which the town
is situate. It is 70 m. S. E. of Nertchinsk. Long.
113. E. lat. 52. 30. N.

Argyle, t. Penobscot Co. Me. Pop. 326.

Argyle, p.t. Washington Co. N. Y. 46 m. N
Albany*. Pop. 3,459.

Argyllshire, a county of Scotland, bounded on
the north by Invernesshire, east by the counties
of Perth and Dumbarton, and south and west
by the Atlantic ocean, by which it is broken
into islands and peninsulas. It is 110 miles long
from the Mull of Cantyre to its N. E. extremity';
its breadth is very unequal, about 40 miles where
greatest. To the N. W. is a peninsula, nearly de-
tached from the rest of the county: it contains
the districts of Ardnamurcham, Morven, Sunart,


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