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AGN    1*    AJA

its influence. The process of evaporation during
this wind proceeds with astonishing- rapidity.

Agahly, a province in the centre of N. Africa,
the chief town of the same name is situate in
about 20. N. lat. and 13. E. Ion v-

Agallela or Gallela, an is) il of Africa, near
Madagascar. Long. 24. 8. L. iat. 10. 12. N.

Agamervticus, a mountain in the State of Maine,
about 8 m. from York harbour. It affords pasture
up to its summit, and is a sea-mark for the en-
try of Piscataqua river. Lon-.r. 70. 30. W. lat. 43.
16. N.

Agawam, r. Mass. flows into the sea at Ware-

Agdc, a town of France, in the department of
Herault, on the river Herault, not far from its
mouth, in the Gulf of Lions, where there is a
fort to defend the entrance. It is 17 m. N. E. of
Narbonne. Long. 3. 28. E. lat. 43. 19. N.

Agen, a city of France, capital of the depart-
ment of Lot and Garonne, and a bishop’s see.
Prunes form here a considerable object of com-
merce ; and it has manufactures of camblets, ser-
ges, and canvas. It is seated in a fertile country,
on the banks of the Garonne, 80 m. E. S. E. of
Bordeaux. Long. 0. 36. E. lat. 44. 12. N.

Agga, Aggona, or Aeanah, a town and district
on the coast of Guinea, in which is a very high
hill, called the Devil’s Mount. The English have
a fort here. Long. 0. 5. E. lat. 6. 0. N. .

Aggerkuus, a fortress of Norway, in the gov-
ernment of the same name, which is full of
mountains. See
Christie; la.

Agha, there are 16 townships or parishes in
Ireland, the names of which commence with
Agha; as, Agha-ioe,
bog, bolloge, da, dcrg, doe,
dawn, gallen, gour, lee, Lurcher, lo, macart, more,
vallagk, vea,
most of them contain from 4 to 6,000
inhab. and Agbalurcher in Fermanagh Co. up-
wards of 12,000.

Aghramullin, a parish in the Co. of Monaghan,
Ireland. Pop. in 1821, 15,827.

Aghrim, properly Aughrim. See Augh.

Agimere, or Ajmeer, a town of Hindoostan, cap-
ital of a province of the same name. It stands at
the foot of a high mountain, on the top'of which is
a fortress of great strength. It was at Ajmeer. that
Sir Wm. Pinwe, as English ambassador, was in-
troduced to the Great Mogul in 1716. it is 150 m.
VV. by S. of Agra. Long. 75. 20. E. lat. 26.

35. N.

Agincourt, a village of France, in the depart-
ment of Pas de Calais, famous in history for the
battle fought here in 1405, wherein Henry V. of
England, with an army of 10,000 men, defeated
the French    army    of    60,000.    leaving near 10,000

dead on the    field.    It    is 7 m.    N. of llesdin.

Aalisk, the name of 4 parishes in Ireland, viz.
1st, in the Co. of Kilkenny. Pop. 1,665, 2nd, in
Kerrv. pop. 2,298. 3rd, in Cork, pop. 2,446. 4th,
in Waterford, pop. 3,263

Agnv1. a    town    of    Morocco, on a river of    the

same name, and on    the IV.    side of one of    the

mount-:!;!- of Atlas, 16 rn. S. of Morocco.

Agnv-'-dcAam. See Amersham.

Agnu;--, a circular lake in the kingdom of Na-
ples, 7 m. fr /.n Puzzuoli. It is about half a m. in
diameter, surrounded by mountains. On its mar-
gin is the fa .i.>us Grotta del Cane, where many
dogs have been t itured and suffocated, to show
the effect of a vapour which rises a foot above
the bottom of the cave, and is destructive to ani-
mal life.

Agnes, St. one of the Scilly Islands, off the

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Lands End, Cornwall; there is a light house upon
it in lat. 42. 54. N. 6. 19. W. long. Also the
name of a parish in the Co. of Cornwall, Eng-
land, rich in mines. Pop. 5,762.

Agon, Agou, or Agoen, an island of Sweden, in
the gulf of Bothnia, with a good harbour, long.
18. 10. E. lat. 42. 55. N.

Agosta, an island in the Adriatic sea, near the
coast of Dalmatia, 18 m. in circumference, and
18, S. W. of the island of Gurzola. Long 17. 0
E. lat. 42. 55. N.

Agosta, a town of Sicily, in Val di Noto, with
an excellent harbour, on the E. coast,,’18 miles
north of Syracuse. Long. 15.10. E. lat. 37. 20. N.

A'jrii, a city of Hindoostan Proper, capital of a
province of the same name, with a strong fort.
It was once the most splendid of all the Indian
cities, and now exhibits the most magnificent
ruins. About the year 1566, the emperor Acbar
made it his capital, and gave his name to it; since
which time it is often named Acbarabad. In the
17th century, the great Mogul frequently resided
here ; his palace was prodigiously large ; the pal-
aces of the omrahs and others are very numerous;
and there are above 60 caravanseras, 800 baths,
700 mosques, and two magnificent mausoleums.
It has since rapidly declined. In the war with
the Mahrattas, in 1803, it was taken by the Brit-
ish. It stands on the right bank of the Jumna, a
branch of the Ganges, 100 m. S. by E. of Dehli
Long. 78. 30. E. lat 27.16. N.

Agram or Zagrab, a strong town of Croatia,
capital of the county of Zagrab, and a bishop’s see;
seated on the Save, 27. m. N. E. of Carlstadt.
Long. 16. 18. E. lat. 45. 48. N.

Agria, a town of Upper Hungary, and a
bishop's see, with a citadel. It was besieged by
the Turks,in 1552, with 70,000 men; they lost

8.000 men in one day, and were obliged to raise
the siege, though the garrison consisted only of

2.000 Hungarians, assisted by the women, who
performed wonders on this occasion. It is seated
on the Agra, 47 m. N. E. of Buda. Long. 20.10.
E. lat. 48. 10. N.

Agrigan, or Island of Xavier, one of the La-
drone islands, 43 m. in compass, and has several
volcanic mountains. Long. 146. 0. E. lat. 19. 40. N.

Agnus Calienles, a city in the province of Gua-
dalaxara, Mexico, it is situate c^out 250 m. N. Ni
W. of the city of Mexico on me direct route to
Santa Fe, and is noted for its warm springs.

Agulhas Cape, the most southern point of
Africa, 13 leagues E. S. E. of the Cape of Good
Hope. Long. 20. 18. E. lat. 34. 55. S.

Ahanta, a district on the Gold Coast, Africa,
Axim, the chief town, is on the coast in 4.57. N
lat. 2. 55. VV. long. Dixcove and Secondee are
other stations on the coast through which con-
siderable traffic is carried on with the inland parts.

Ahasati ah, a town in the Co. of Galway, Ire-
land, containing 600 inhab. and the parish 4,240.

Ahmedabad. See Amedabad.

Ahmednagur. See Amednagur.

Ahmed-pore, a town in the province of Orissa,
Hindoostan. 34 miles S. from Cuttack.

Ahoghill,a populous parish in the Co. of Antrim,
Ireland. Pop. in 1821,18,120; there is a town ot
the same name. Pop. only 370. Portglenone
town with 618 inhab. Ballykennedy, Culley-
backy, and Galgorim, villages; total pop. 726
are all included in the parish.

Ajaccio, a seaport of Corsica, capital of the de-
partment of Liamone, and a bishop’s see This is
the birth-place of Napoleon Bonaparte. It stands
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