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arches : 14 m. W. of Monmouth; it has the ad-
vantage of a collateral cut from the canal, from
Brecon to the British channel: there are some
considerable iron works in the vicinity, and it also
participates in the flannel manufacture. It has
a considerable market on Tues. and 3 fairs annu-
ally, on May 1st, Tues. after Trinity, and Sep.
25th. Pop in 1801, 2,573, and in 1821, 3,388.




Abergele, a town in Denbighshire, Wales,
pleasantly situate on the coast of the Irish sea,
on the direct road from Chester to Holyhead, 7
m. W. of St. Asaph, and 224 from London; it is
much frequented in the summer season for bath-
ing, has a market on Sat. and 3 fairs annually.
Pop. in 1601, 1,748, in 1821, 2,317.

Abergwilly, a village near Carmarthen, S.
Wales, situate at the confluence of the river Guil-
ly with the Towy. It contains the only episco-

fal palace, belonging to the see of St. David’s,
'op. in 1821, 2,183.

Abernethy, a town in Perthshire, Scotland,
seated near the junction of the Erne, with the
Tay, 7 m. from rerth. It is said to have been
the seat of the Pictish kings, as well as the see
of an archbishop. In the town church-yard is a
round tower 74 feet high and 48 in circumference,
the only one besides that of Brechin in Scotland.
It participates in the manufactures of Perth, and
has three fairs annually. Pop. of the parish in
1821, 1,701. Also the name of another parish,
from 150 to 180 sq. m. in extent, partly in Elgin
and partly in Inverness-shire, abounding with
natural forests of fir, which form an extensive
traffic. Pop. in 1821,1,968.

Aberystwith, a town of S. Wales, in Cardigan-
shire, seated on the Ystwith near its confluence
with the Rydiol, where they fall into the bay of
Cardigan, over the Rydiol is a handsome stone
bridge. It lies 207 m. W. N. W. from London,
and 39 N. E. from Cardigan. It was formerly
fortified with a castle, and defended with walls ;
but both are now in ruins. It is, however, a
flourishing town, having a great trade in lead, a
considerable fishery of herrings, cod, and whit-
ings, and a good weekly market on Monday;
about 8,000 tons of shipping belong to this town.
In the bathing season, it is much frequented as a
fashionable watering place. Long. 3. 58. W. lat.
52. 25. N. Pop. in 1821, 3,556.

Abex, a country of Africa, on the Red Sea,
which bounds it on the east; on the west it is
hounded by Abyssinia and Nubia, on the north
by Egypt, and on the south by the coast of Ajan.
The chief towns are Arkeko, or Ercoco,and Sua-
quam; which last is the capital, and the seat of
the governor. It is subject to the Turks; and ib
very sandy and barren, being destitute of water.
The heat is excessive, and the air unhealthy to
Europeans. In the mountains are forests of ebo-
ny trees, abounding with wild beasts. It is 500
miles in length, ana 100 in breadth. The inhabi-
tants are Mahometans.

Abingdon, a market and borough town in Berk-
shire, England, and, with the exception of Read-
ing, the chief town in the co. It is situate on
the S. bank of the river Thames, 6 m. N. W. of
Oxford, and 56 m. S. W. from London. It is a
place of great antiquity, and has frequently been
the abode of royalty. The market-place is spa-
cious, in the centre of which is a respectable edi-
fice, a spacious hall, supported by lofty pillars, in
which the summer aSsizes for the 66. are held, the
Space beneath serving for a market-house. The
market for grain and malt, on Mon. and Fri. is
very great, and it has a considerable manufacture
of coarse linen, sacking, &c. It is divided into
two parishes, each having a church, and sends
one member to parliament. Pop. in 1821, 5,137.

Abingdon, t. Harford Co. Md. 26 m. N. E. Bal-

Abingdon, p.t. capital of Washington Co. Va
320 m. W. S. W. Richmond.

Abington, p.t. Plymouth Co. Mass. 22 m. S. E.
Boston. Pop. 2,423.

Abo, a sea-port, and chief town of what was
formerly Swedish Finland, but which was wrested
from that power, by Russia, in 1808. The port
and town of Abo are finely located in N. lat. 60.
27. W. long. 22. 18. at the southern extremity of
the Promontory of Finland, on the E. shore of
the Gulf of Bothnia, where it forms its junction
with the Gulf of Finland. Under the Swedish
government, Abo was the see of a bishop, suffra-
gan of Upsal, and had a university, founded by
Queen Christina, in 1640, endowed with the
same privileges as that of Upsal; and also a
school, founded by Gustavus Adolphus, for 300
scholars. It was the seat of the conference where
the treaty of peace was concluded between Russia
and Sweden, in 1743. The town has flourished
considerably since its transfer to Russia; its chief
trade is in timber, deals, and grain. Pop. about

Abomey, a populous town, the capital of the
kingdom of Dahomey, on the Gold Coast of Af-
rica. N. lat. 7. 50. E. long. 0. 55. Pop. about

Aboukir, a town of Egypt, in N. lat. 31. 18. E
long. 30. 38, about 6 leagues E. of Alexandria,
A British army of 12,000 men, commanded by
Sir Ralph Abercrombie, landed here in 1801
The bay, formed on the W. by a neck of land, on
which the town is situate, ana on the E. by anoth-
er neck of land which bounds the Rosetta branch
of the Nile, is very spacious, and will forever be
memorable in history, as the scene of one of the
mbst splendid and decisive naval battles on re-
cord, in which 9 French ships of the line were
taken, and 2 others destroyed, by Lord Nelson, on
the 1st Attg. 1798.

Abrantes, a town of Portugal, in Estremadura,
seated on the Tagus, 45 miles E. by N. of Lisbon,
and belonging to a marquis of that title. It is
situated on high ground, surrounded with gar-
dens and olive-trees, and contains about 35,000
inhabitants, and has 4 convents, an hospital, and
an alms-house.

Abrolhos Islands, dangerous shoals on the coast
of Brazil, S. lat. 17. 58. W. long. 38. 26.

Ahruzzo, one of the four great provinces of Na-
ples, bounded on the E. by the gulf of Venice, on
the N. and W. by Ancona, Umbria, and the
Campagna di Roma, and oh the S. by the Terra di
Lavoroand Molise. It is divided into two .parts by
the river Pescara, called Ulteriore and Citeriore.
The former haS Aquila, and the latter Sulmona,
for its capital. It is fertile in corn, rice, fruits,
saffron, vines, and olives. Pop. about 590,000.

Abs, a town in France, in the department of
Ardeche, formerly the chief town of Vivares, and
a bishop’s see, now in a very ruinous state.

Aboutige, a town in Upper Egypt, on the site
of the ancient Abotis, near the Nile, where great
quantities of poppies grow, of which the natives
make the best opium in the Levant. Long. 33.
E. lat. 26. 30. N.

Abetcombe, p.t. Gloucester Co. N. J.

Abyo or Abuyo, one of the Philippine islands,

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