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par., Norfolk, on river Yare, 3 miles SAV. of Norwich,
729 ac., pop. 148; P.O. ; contains the seats of Keswick
Old Hall and Keswick New Hall.

Keswick, East, township and vil., Harewood par.,
E. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire, 4 miles SAV. of AVetherby,
1288 ac., pop. 447 ; P.O.

Ket, The, stream, Glasserton and AVhithorn pars.,
SE. AVigtownshire; rises near Glasserton church, and
flows 5£ miles NE. and SE. to the sea at Portyerrock.

Ketley, eccl. dist. and vil. with ry. sta., AVellington
par., in E. of Shropshire—dist., pop. 2962; vil., If
mile SE. of AVellington by rail; P.O.; has extensive
coal and iron mines; the ironworks are among the
oldest in the kingdom.

Ketley Bank, hamlet, AVombridge and Shifnal pars.,
Shropshire, 3 miles E. of AVellington.

Ketsby, hamlet, South Ormsby par., Lincolnshire, 5
miles AV. of Alford.

Kettering, market town and par. with ry. sta.,
Northamptonshire, 8 miles N. of AVellingborough and
75 miles from London, 2840 ae., pop. 11,095; P.O., T.o.;
3 Banks, 2 newspapers. Market-day,
Friday. Ketter-
ing is an ancient place, and was called by the Saxons
Kateringes. The charter for its market was granted by
Henry III. in 1227 to tbe monks of Peterborough. It is
a fairly prosperous town, with tanning and currying,
mfrs. of boots and shoes, stays, brushes, agricultural
implements, and some articles of clothing. It has a
handsome town hall, a cattle market, a corn exchange,
and a grammar school. Many Roman relics have been
found in the vicinity.

Ketteringhain, par. and vil., Norfolk, 6 miles SAV.
of Norwich, 1680 ac., pop. 210; P.O.; in vicinity of vil.
is the seat of Ketteringhain Hall.

Kcttins, par. and vil., SAV. Forfarshire, and quoad
par., including also a detached part of Scone
par., Perthshire—par., 7796 ac., pop. 848;
quoad sacra
par., pop. 903; vil., 1^ mile SE. of Coupar-Angus; P.O.

Kettle, par. and vil. with ry. sta. (Kingskettle), Fife,
on river Eden—par., 7612 ac., pop. 2054; vil., 1 m. S. of
Ladybank Junction, pop. 598; P.O., T.o.; 1 mile S. of
Kettle is Kettlehrirtgc (or Holekettle), vil., pop. 451.

Kettle Hills, outlying ridge of the Cheviots, North-
umberland, 4 miles SE. of AVooler; here is a large camp
enclosing from 3 to 4 acres.

Kettle and Fans, large rock basin, St Mary’s,
Scilly Islands.

Kettlebaston, par. and vil., Suffolk, 7 miles NAV. of
Hadleigh, 1063 ac., pop. 164; in vicinity of vil. is the
seat of Kettlebaston Hall.

Kettlebrook, mining vil.,lm. SE. of Tamworth, AVar-
wickshire; P.O.; here are the Kettlebrook Paper Mills.

Kettlebnrgh, par. and vil., Suffolk, 2J miles SAV.
of Framlingham, 1435 ac.,pop. 290; P.O.; in vicinity of
vil. is the seat of Kettlcburgb Hall.

Kettleby, Leicestershire. See Abkettleby.

Kettleby and Kettleby Thorpe, 2 hamlets, Bigby
par., Lincolnshire, 3 miles E. of Caistor.

Kettleholmbrldgc, vil., St Mungo par., Dumfries-
shire, on AVater of Milk, 3£ miles S. of Lockerbie.

Kettlehnlme, township, Prestbury par., Cheshire, 7
miles NE. of Macclesfield, 1232 ac., pop. 329.

Kettleman’s Bridge, over Cock Beck (aflluent of the
AVharfe), E. div. AVest-Riding Yorkshire, 1 mile S. of
Tadcaster; has traces of Roman masonry, and is all
that remains of the Roman station of
Calcaria (between
Aldborough and Castleford), which commanded one of
the principal passages of the AVharfe.

Kettlcness, coast hamlet with ry. sta, Lythepar.,
North-Riding Yorkshire, 6 miles NAV. of Whitby.

Kettlesing, hamlet, Hampsthwaite par., E. div.
AVest-Riding Yorkshire, 3 miles SW. of Ripley; P.O.

Kettlestone, par., Norfolk, 4J miles SE. of AValsing-
ham, 1168 ac., pop. 185.

Kettlethorpe, par., township, and vil. in AV. of Lin-
colnshire, on river Trent, 9 miles S. of Gainsborough—
par., 3280 ac., pop. 508; township, pop. 240; in vicinity
of vU. is the seat of Kettlethorpe Hall.

Kettletoft Bay, in S. of Sanday island, Orkney.

Kettlewell.—par. and vil., N. div. West-Riding
Yorkshire—par., 8413 ac., pop. 378; vil., 13 miles NE.
of Settle; P.O.; is in a lead-mining district.—
2. Kettle-
well* hamlet, 2 miles NAV. of St Albans, Herts.

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