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Aamods-eie, Christoffer
....... to Andersen, Johan Christian

Andersen, Johannes
....... to Bergersen, Knud Boen

Bergersen, Knud Boen
....... to Christiansen, Arnt

Christiansen, August Gudmond
....... to Cypriansen, Torvald Giellebol Enger

Cypriansen, Torvald Giellebol Enger
....... to Eskildsdatter, Ingeborg

Eskildsdatter, Ingeborg
....... to Gulbrandsdatter, Kristine

Gulbrandsdatter, Kristine
....... to Halvorsdatter, Anna Josefine

Halvorsdatter, Anna Josefine
....... to Hansen, Cyprian Osken

Hansen, Cyprian Osken
....... to Ilebekk, Erik Olsen

Ilebekk, Even Albert Svensen
....... to Jolsen, Nils Jensen

Jolsen, Nils Jensen
....... to Kogstad, Magnhild

Kogstad, Maren Gurine
....... to Larsdatter, Marte

Larsdatter, Marte
....... to Mogensson, Soren

Mogensson, Soren
....... to Olsdatter, Anne

Olsdatter, Anne Caroline
....... to Olsen, Gunder Amot

Olsen, Gunder Amot
....... to Pedersdatter, Anne Sofie

Pedersdatter, Ann Nordii
....... to Riser, Ole Sigvart Laurits

Riser, Oline Severine Henrikke
....... to Stub, Laurits Jacobsen

Stub, Laurits Jacobsen
....... to Tæktmoen, Ole Bjørn

Tønneberg, Anne Marie Mortensdatter
....... to Zarariassen, Christopher Nordby
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